Feb. 11th, 2017

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Show has been very interesting these last few eps. I watched the recent one with BG and she was impressed. She even watered up when Dean had his horrible moment in the bathroom. She grudgingly admitted that Jensen acted the hell out of that, and nodded when he remembered Sam's name at the crisis point. "Of course," she said and she wasn't even being sarcastic. *beams*

So, remember when I was thrilled that BG joined me working at Red Bullseye Satan? Well, she is leaving me now. On to a career change, one we hope will be satisfying for her. It's a bit of a pay cut, but she's willing to take it to do something she thinks will be her future. I hope so. It's a wonderful thing to work in a job that provides you not only with a paycheck, but with satisfaction. How many of us can say that? So, what with my baby moving on, it's time, I think, to give serious thought to retiring. Can we afford it? Not really. But we never will, and I don't want to work until I'm too dead to care.

Thoughts anyone? Advice? Links to really juicy porn?

(me, thinking about retirement)
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"Mo money, mo problems." More proof kid Dean listened to rap on the sly

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