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12. desktop scrnshot: Nothing much to say about it, I change it every time I get bored. It's a pretty picture, isn't it? I *loved* that shoot.

13. My three confessions are kind of boring too, but on two of them, I reached down inside myself for some truth I'm sharing with you. Only you guys:

There's a writer everyone seems to love and I just Don't. Get. It. They irritate the hell out of me. And no, it definitely is not someone I know.

I think I'm pretty damn good-writing wise. I wish more people would see that.

I'm sorry I wasted my talent for art. But don't tell anyone I said so.

I'm less embarrassed when I put it in italics. I don't get it either. *shrug* :)
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11. "Wherever you go, there you are."
buckaroo banzai

That quote makes me feel good. When I'm really stressed, I repeat it to myself. I painted it on my laundry room wall, so I could look at it and remember that no matter what, I am me, and no matter what flits through my head on a particular day, deep down inside I'm actually a tough little bitch.
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Here I go again, doubling up. Someday I'll do more than come home from work, eat, then pass out, but until then....


9. These are just a few of my pet peeves, I mean, c'mon, me? I could be here for days, just typing madly away. But no. Here you go:
Not putting things away where they belong.
Taking things without asking.
Not returning them in the same condition.
(I have a thing about my things)

10. Live off one food and one beverage for the rest of my days? That sounds like some kind of horrible hell-torture, but if forced to choose: coffee, grilled salmon.
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You get 4 and 5 today because I fell asleep yesterday. My life.

4. I'll say LJ name. Roxymissrose is Miss Roxy Rose, my drag queen name friends from a thousand years ago gave me, and it stuck. So if you meet me, don't call me Susan, call me Roxy 'cause that's my name. :D

5. My bed. My bath. My bed. My coffeepot. (it's a place of its own, hush.) My bed. I'm not an adventurer. I'm a terrible traveler. I'm about thiiiis close<-------------->to being an agoraphobe. Wait, no, I'm not afraid of being outside, I'm irritated by it.
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So, posting this and running because I have to go to bed before I die of tired. I'll look for ya'lls answers to this days challenge tomorrow.

I chose to interpret this in the loosest way. 'Cause that's just how I roll.


3. There is no detail. I get up, do my hygienic stuff, make my bed if I'm not feeling too lazy, get dressed in my Red Bullseye Satan ensemble, make coffee, read while I eat (poptarts, nature's most perfect food) and then dash out the door to stand at the fitting room and make someone's day richer for having met me. Then it's home, to where almost every evening, the World's Most Fabulous Husband has prepared a tasty meal. Then I get to clean the kitchen because the man is hopeless. I remind myself not to complain because hey, I didn't have to cook. After that, it's pretty much hours of fanfic, a little TV, and then bedtime. Sometimes, it's a time for a looooong bubble bath—and reading. If it's a good day, other stuff happens but we don't need details there.
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DAY 2: I like dairy products, dislike being lactose intolerant

I like well-written fanfic, but dislike tags full of fake modesty.

I like well-behaved swimming pools, I heartily dislike the ocean.

I like wearing comfy clothes and, okay, flannel shirts. I dislike having to dress up fancy an' all. It's hard to dress this short, fat, little figure.

I like flowers and planning gardens, but dislike the work involved. All that sweatin' and dirt and stuff...

I like sex, but dislike folks' attitudes that being over 50 should make you a monk. Losers.

I like fandom, but very much dislike the wars and flaming ships. Why? It's a big fuckin' damn internet, fercrisakes.

I like fried pickles and fried chicken, but not a big fan of other fried things. I have this irrational *hatred* of the smell of frying things.

I like coffee, though like is a very weak word to describe my feelings. I dislike Coke.

I like the fact that for eight years, we had classy, intelligent, open leadership. I dislike the fact that now our leadership seems to be bigoted assclowns dancing a puppet about.

After I post this, I'll probably think of better likes/dislikes, but I will be too lazy to edit.
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Okay, I'm doing another 30-day meme which will probably go by the wayside about three days in--but Imma give it a shot, what the hell. Nothing else is happening here, right?


Day 1. write some basic things about yourself: I'm a short, fat, Black woman--in fact, that's what my bio says.

I'm 62, my hair is white with a sprinkling of my original black. I kind of miss that black, but not as much as I miss my waist.

I'm in love with this guy I met 37 years ago.

I've always been an uncomfortable combination of very, very, very shy, and slightly mean and outspoken.

I like people, but not too many and not too close.

I love art, and I'm not too shabby with a pen.

I'm a J2 fanatic. ;D

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