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There are so many birthday wishes I owe to so many fabulous people, but I have to jump in *right* now and wish [ profile] carolandtom a ton of good wishes for her birthday! I'm sending you a million hugs and kisses! I hope your day was good!

Love always,
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Jul. 7th, 2015 09:57 pm
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Reading, so much reading! I'm working my way through the BBs now, and I'm feeling pretty good! I've done a bit of housework, emptied suitcases and washed and put clothes and stuff away, I'm going to make dinner for tomorrow in a bit so when I get home from work, all I have to do is sit back and aaaaaaaahhh.

I couldn't really read while I was away on vacation, I just could never really relax enough to let myself get lost in the stories. But, I did manage to work on my slave Jensen fic and will post it shortly. I've decided to do this in a series of one-shots that aren't exactly one-shots but aren't exactly chapters either. Exciting, no? Intriguing, perhaps? Yas, my friends. It is. *nods*

Ach, also let me extend birthday wishes to some very fine ladies!
To you, [ profile] selinamoonfire, many hugs, and to the talented and incredible [ profile] quickreaver, and to my fellow Michael lover, [ profile] tasabian, who keeps us posted on what our lovely boy is doing!

♥ to you all--hope it was, and will be, a very good day! ;D
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Guess who got a birthday today guuuuurl????

MizzTQ, [ profile] tabaqui, fuck yeah! Make it the best, beloved, scare people with how good it is! MMMMMWWWAAAAH!!!!!

let me love you tumblr_mdu7gn052q1r98m7m

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I usually post a birthday cake, or flowers or sometimes I'll post amusing kittens to wish my friends happy birthday, but for you, [ profile] dimeliora, I think this makes more sense. What's more delicious than wet Jensen, after all? Drizzle a little caramel sauce on that boy and what else do you need but a curtain?


Happy birthday, girl, make it count! :)
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No, not for me, for the thoughful and brilliant [ profile] sageness and the always entertaining, highly amusing and lovely [ profile] peepingdru!

Dancing Birthday Cake!!
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Today we celebrate my birthday month *and* [ profile] firesign10's birthday! To celebrate and to thank her for the wonderful job she did on my BB this year, I gift her with a wee ficlet based in that verse. It's a little back story for one of the characters.

Happy Birthday, kid! ;)

tumblr_m46z9bhgmg1r3zat8 too precious for this world

Under the cut is some story! )
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Just under the wire!!!

Happy Birthday, [ profile] clarkscherry! Hope you had a good one, full of Kryptonian highjinx! :)

Dancing cake for you, my friend!

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Happy birthday, [ profile] carolinecrane, I hope the day was a good one! :)

birthday 1
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Happy birthday! Make some noise, have a great time ya'll! ♥

to [ profile] elli and [ profile] nicnac918

bd greetings
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[ profile] selinamoonfire, hope your day is going good! Lots of birthday hugs and kisses from me! And cake!!!

cake 2
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LJ tells me it's the day of birth for you lovely people!

[ profile] smithkingsley, where you at? Happy birthday, kid! :)

also, a very happy birthday to [ profile] lyryk!

And [ profile] jesseofthenorth, hope you had a terrific day, heck yeah!

wheee! Dancing cake!
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Big B-day wishes to [ profile] mistressace, hope you had a good day, my dear! *confetties*

birthday 1
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Happy birthday, happy belated birthday wishes too! Now that life has slowed down a bit and my big bang is locked and loaded, I catching up with my friends!

So, first, happy late birthdays and I hope they were good ones to my beloved [ profile] daisydumont, a super classy lady. Much love!
Happy late birthdays as well to [ profile] kattahj, and to [ profile] norwich36—I hope you ladies see this, unlikely at this point but hugs and kisses to you!
And a birthday more or less on time, to someone I miss seeing here, [ profile] dm_wyatt, many, many good birthday wishes! :)
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Sooooo...remember when I said I was going to be a better LJ friend and be on those birthdays and stuff? Yeah, so how long did that last? Like, not at all? So here I am with wishes, belated and otherwise.

Who loves ya? That's right Yer Mother does. I'd make some kind of kissy face emoticon but everything I try looks like an anus to me. Some of them look like surprised anuses--

Happy Birthday, oh my friends! Belated Birthday wishes to:
[ profile] pepperjackcandy and [ profile] carolandtom--I miss you both! hugs and kisses!

Happy on-time-or-somewhere close-to-it wishes for:
[ profile] rhiannonhero, [ profile] hyperfocused and [ profile] complicat!

Wishes also to my dear [ profile] morganichele! Sad that you're not here on LJ now, but you're still loved and missed.

And hokey smokes, how can I miss my Baby Bee's birthday? I love you so much!!! Happy Birthday, [ profile] aurora_bee! It better be a good one! :)

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I want to wish a happy birthday to the following fabulous peoples!

Happy birthday, darlings, to the incredible [ profile] me_ya_ri, to [ profile] hils who's left me behind in fandom again (lol), to the talented [ profile] paragraph and the fabulous Ms. LaT, [ profile] latxcvi

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It's been a while since I've done this—like forever. I'm a sucky LJ friend, yes. But I'm going to try and change that, starting with wishing happy birthday to my friends. On their birthdays. In a big old birthday post, so as not to spam my flist. (are we still saying that?)
I want to wish a happy birthday to these wonderful peoples! I hope it was a good one, full of cake and celebration!

[ profile] macbyrne
[ profile] laurapetri
[ profile] nataliadarimini
[ profile] mel_b_angel

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! With extra added kisses and hugs!

hmmm...i need new cakes....

Mr. Rose!

Sep. 14th, 2012 12:34 am
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Tomorrow is my beloved husband's birthday. And Saturday is our anniversary. We've been together 33 years. Holy shit--I'm OLD!!! No, no, not that old, I was a child bride. I was 20 17 12 9...I was a youthful 25. *koff* Actually, I did worry I was marrying too young at the time, which was weird because to the rest of the world, I was kind of old. (Those were the Dark Ages, full of really stupid people as opposed to now-a-days. These days, the world is full of stupid, socially accepted racist-asshole-bigots. But that's a post for another day.)

So, 33 years later and it's weird, really weird, that you can know someone that long and get just as much pleasure out of looking at them, touching them, hearing them laugh, as you did the very first time. He makes me feel like a pretty cool person, makes me feel cute. :)

Happy Birthday, my darling Mr. Rose! And thanks for marrying me, that was a good idea that worked out really well--for me at least! *bigcheesygrin*
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Thank you beloveds! Your birthday wishes and gifties made the day even better! I did have a great day, and I wish I could have shared it with you, and not just because that you'd have felt obligated to buy me lots of b-day coffees, either, really!

So, [ profile] day221b, [ profile] smalltroven, [ profile] talitha78, [ profile] iibnf, [ profile] enderwiggin24,[ profile] gingersnap1224, [ profile] peepingdru (the cradle cracked me up!), [ profile] tifaching and Miss [ profile] daisydumont, thank you for your lovely wishes! *G* It was good to hear from some of you who are here far too infrequently! :)

I got gifts too! Lovely gifts! I got a puppy—puppy!—from [ profile] arianstarr, lovely flowers from [ profile] ctbn60, a beautiful rose from [ profile] twinsarein! Thank you, [ profile] jesseofthenorth for the balloons (balloons yay!), and of course, my sucker from [ profile] rockstarpeach! :)

[ profile] a_terri_beth, the next time you go to AC we'll get together for drinks, in the meantime, I'll drink that virtual one, thanx! *GGG*
And my dear [ profile] digitalwave, thank you for the *lovely*card and the amazing gift!!!
If I missed anyone, forgive me! I really do appreciate all of you! You're the best, you guys!! ♥
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Thank you to you lovely ladies who made my profile page sparkle, and my Valentine's Day even better than it was!
Thanks and fuzzy hugs to [ profile] supercaptain182 [ profile] patrese1, [ profile] voldything, [ profile] jesseofthenorth, [ profile] tabaqui, [ profile] priscel, [ profile] twinsarein, [ profile] orbiting_saturn, and [ profile] locknkey! You guys! ♥

I got the best Valentines gift ever from my beloved, a bobble-head Superman, cute to die for!! Now I need a bobble head Batman so I can make them do naughty things together. What--I didn't mean that....

Also, though I have been horribly sucking with the birthday wishes--something I plan to correct because everyone loves a good birthday wish, I want to wish [ profile] rednihilist a very happy birthday! She's one of my dearest friends here on LJ, a great support, an absorbent shoulder and one hell of an outrageously talented lady. Happy Birthday, beloved, many kisses and hugs! (and by the way, your LJ looks fucking amazing!!!)

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Again I'm late with wishing birthdays--I suck at this, and still, I'm doing better than I have any other year. Sad. But--it's like stretching a birthday over days, I always say! :)

[ profile] helioshyperion hope it was a great day, love! I miss you!

[ profile] rivkat think of this as one looong birthday wish!

[ profile] silverscreengalWelcome back! I hope your day was everything you wanted--plus extended birthday wishes, you can't beat that! ;)

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