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Thank you all so much for your lovely birthday wishes--I'll answer everyone soon, but my internet is running as slow as mating slugs, so it's going to take a bit. In the meantime, can't let this day go by without wishing my soulmate a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, old friend. No one knows me better than you. Thank god I run no risk of blackmail or spillage of questionable beans when it comes to you. No one will ever know about that party in the woods that one night back in 1975, or that horrible wardrobe malfunction that one time, or that awful thing that time during sex that...nah, actually that was kinda funny....

Anyhoo, love you, A--you're a sock after my own heart. Sixty-one looks like fuzzy, warm cashmere on you, baby.


Aug. 30th, 2013 10:04 am
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Thank you so much, [ profile] ctbn60 for the AMAZING icons! Thanks for all the goodness you gifted me this birthday month, you really helped to make it the best! ♥ ♥

There were so many lovely icons *points at SeriousDean* But this one, oh man!

dean roxy2 by ctbn60

I mean, does that say "roxy" or what? I know right? *snuggles up to icon*
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ETA: Yeah, I'm an idiot. When you spend most of the day wearing your sockmuppet, you miss a lot of notifications. I'll fix that tomorrow--in the meantime, thanks for the gifts you guys, I love them! And will thank you personally tomorrow. *loads MommyVan, gasses up, checks pockets for chapstick--you old guard know what that means...pucker up. ;)*

Thanks so much for the birthday gifts, [ profile] firesign10, [ profile] ladydey (♥), [ profile] rednihilist--chocolate goat, what could be better--and [ profile] meus_venator, who knows what my heart looks like!

Thank you for your birthday wishes, guys! You're the best! It was a great, great birthday, the jewel in the crown of Birthday Month. And by the way, don't let out that sigh of relief, I'm not done yet!

Thank you, thank you for the lovely wishes, [ profile] myownghost, [ profile] priscel, [ profile] enderwiggin24, [ profile] talitha78, [ profile] tabaqui, [ profile] tifaching, [ profile] peepingdru, [ profile] iibnf,aaaaand [ profile] bradygirl_12

[ profile] stir_of_echoes, thank you for the fabulous birthday GIF! Those boys know who they belong to! :D
[ profile] day221b, thank you for an absolutely amazing story—you made me sniffle on my BD!
[ profile] tasabian thank you too for the wonderful J2& Tom/Michael ficlet--haha! Twelve Minutes of perfect!
And [ profile] digitalwave, thank you for the lovely boys, sweetie! You know just what I like! ;)

Thanks for the lovely messages on this, my day of birth, [ profile] lexalicious70, (love ya, kid!) [ profile] marciaelena, [ profile] rockstarpeach, my dear [ profile] lapetite_kiki, [ profile] elli, [ profile] gingersnap1224, [ profile] jesseofthenorth(♥ you)! You rock, ya'll! If I didn't answer you personally, forgive me—your messages mean a lot to me. Group hug, guys!! Don't mind the hands….

And also many, many thanks—for the delicious cake, [ profile] mdlaw, and [ profile] chellexxx, for the lovely sparkles! Heck yeah, sparkles!

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Tomorrow's my birthday, but remember, it's Birthday Month, so I'll be spamming the heck out of you even after tomorrow!

Coming soon: A NTM ficlet, and maybe some artwork. *G*

Which reminds me, I owe [ profile] meus_venator, an evil cat-Mark. I need to finish that up! I will finish that up!

So, Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? )
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Untitled Smallville ficlet based in this 'verse: Mariposa
Pairings: Whit/Clark
Word Count: 929
Summary: Whit is kind of a numbskull, but Clark is forgiving.
Notes/Warnings: it's an itty-bitty ficlet set before bad times in the Mariposa story. Totally not going to understand this without having read the story. But it's a pretty interesting story, so give it a chance. :) (le pimp)

Read more... )
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samdean roxy rec by bt_kady

Becomes a Monster by [ profile] runedgirl

Summary: Sam's “normal” life dissolves when his brother mysteriously returns from the dead. But when Dean came back, Benny the vampire wasn’t the only thing that came back with him. Now Sam is in a race against time to save his brother. This is one race that Sam refuses to lose.

Here's my(edited) comment to the story: What a fantastic spin on season eight--a season I loved, by the way, so this just makes everything better. I have an insane love of messed up Dean and protective Sam. You have a wonderful way with Sam, the way you write him makes me feel like I'm inside his head, looking out at Dean through his eyes and just really getting what it is that drives the both of them.

This story is clever and twisty and once you start reading it, you won;t be able to stop. [ profile] runedgirl is one of my favorite authors, one of those writers that when you see her name, you jump on it because that's all you need.
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I was thinking about summer music, the stuff that sounds so good when you try to break the speakers and I remembered Mos Def and Talib Kweli's Definition so I went looking for it and found this instead and I figured I'd share this with you because number one, he's a FINE looking man, omg, and two, this is really, really good!

This birthday posting stuff is fun, no?

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Today we celebrate my birthday month *and* [ profile] firesign10's birthday! To celebrate and to thank her for the wonderful job she did on my BB this year, I gift her with a wee ficlet based in that verse. It's a little back story for one of the characters.

Happy Birthday, kid! ;)

tumblr_m46z9bhgmg1r3zat8 too precious for this world

Under the cut is some story! )
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First, a drabble based on my SpNBB this year, Cicatrix, because I'm having trouble letting it go, oy. :)

Cicatrix drabble )

Second, two Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? drabbles )
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I am a hot-flash wrapped in a thin layer of grease wrapped in sticky, humid, dampness. New Jersey, a suburb of HELL. Thank god I'm young enough to handle it...for nine more days.

airplane sweat
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hunh! How is it possible I missed so many days?

I'll fix it--I'm looking forward to this weekend so that I can finish up the ficlets requested. While we're waiting for that, here's this!

SpN: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Part 1
Part 2

part 3 )
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I've been told to shower this animal with love because it's the only grandchild I'll ever have. I'm fine with that. So behind the cut, is the cutest damn dog in the world.

under the cut because I dont know how to make it smaller--help? )
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This is ongoing, until I forget or get bored! *G*

SpN drabbles continue--and [ profile] gingersnap1224, that CTM drabble wanted to be a wee bit more than 100, so--working on it!

Also, prompts for the SV drabbles would be greatly appreciated since my brain is apparently billiard ball smooth. :(

SpN: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Part 1

part 2 )
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So I share with you!

[ profile] ctbn60 made this for me! It's a cover for an older SV story that I'm posting slow-motion at AO3, Boys of Summer. Look, and think of this a yet another birthday surprise, haawhoot!

boys of summer

Those gorgeous boys--and look, there's Wade too! I'm ridiculously happy over Wade being in there. I hate to admit how much I loved that boy, lol! Falling for my own character, gosh. *G*
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First, let me show you this amazing present I got from [ profile] angstpuppy--my heart sang when I saw this! :)


And I bring part one of a drabble series to you. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to write them. I sued to write them for a Buffy comm and then for SV's Wednesday 100. I like that you really have to think to get the maximum sense and info into the minimum amount of words. not that I worried about sense or info. ;)

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? )

Day 4!! More later if I get inspired! I know right??? So exciting....
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So, here's the thing. It's my birthday month, so I'm going to try and give ya'll gifts, probably not every day—life and whatnot.

With that idea in mind, I've decided that I'm going to post some drabbles, because [ profile] tifaching has reminded me that drabbles are fun. Really hard, omg, but fun. So, there are going to be some drabbles that taken all together might make a story. Don't expect the meaning to be clear. That's how I roll. Feel free to explain it to me! :)

Also, you can ask me to write ficlets, or timestamps the size of tiny stamps. I might try and throw some art in here too. Anyhoo, I have big plans, hope some of this actually floats. You know how I can be. *koff*lazy*koff*

How about an oldie to jumpstart the month? Also, this lets me get away without drawing something new. Pretend you've never seen it before! *handwave*

dang, I just noticed posting this that Muppet!Jared's moles have Igor's hump.

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