Jan. 11th, 2016 10:07 pm
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Right in mid-post, my LJ went from paid to not! That was weird! And it took my icons with it!!! LOL! I was all ready to blame LJ for losing them until I realized it was my fault. Kind of--gadreel eyes

I do that kind of thing a lot... :D

eta: annnnnd fixed! *brushes shoulder*
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Hokey smokes! You know, I never really went there in fandom's heyday, mostly because I was afraid and way too delicate a flower back then. Now, I'm a hardened old broad and my skin is as thick as a rhinoceros' hide so I can play without suffering horrible embarrassment squick.

Anyhoo (things I do instead of writing), ask me why the folks who actually sound calm and reasonable to me get shot down like they're trying to strafe an orphanage full of little tykes and adorable kittens. My eyes were like this: (o.o) !! Wow! Such violence! Such anger! I swear, the commenter sounded so reasonable, so respectful of both actors of a certain show, while also trying to express a personal opinion in a non-inflammatory way and gosh, that was just the match to the fire as far as certain folks were concerned. Again, me all aghast and goggling.

It's like watching a slow-motion train wreck, with the train being manned by rabid, teeth-gnashing, vitriol-shrieking hamsters. It's pretty entertaining. feels good to reveal this side of myself. All shallow and stuff.

Watch this space for more wallowing. :D :D :D


Dec. 29th, 2015 08:51 pm
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I got bored yesterday before slipping off to sleep--my life! I'm sleeping it away!! Anyhoo, I was bored, and had some thoughts about the Impala. One of my thoughts was that if you post fic featuring the car, you better capitalize Impala, damn it, unless those boys are really riding about on the back of an antelope. My other thoughts were not anywhere near as crabby.

So…what if one day the boys decided fluff up the Impala? Do a little primping, a little color, a little gloss…ah? It could happen.

And if it did, it might look a little like this. )
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If you were the kind of person who thinks Boathouse Thoughts, and you were the kind of person to relentlessly search pics and gifs and vids for clues to certain things, and you read...oh, let's call it gossip for lack of a better term...then some of these gifs coming out lately would really make your eyes go O.O.

It's the hand action. Gotta watch their hands.

'Course on Planet Earth, it's just a sign that they really are buds like the Firefly crew, or the Smallville guys.

Excuse me, whilst I dust off my space suit. :D :D :D
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You know, I just found out that I never posted a link to the fic when I posted my [ profile] samdean_otp mini-bang last year. Boy...I'm kind of amazed now that I got any comments on that at all. Thank you, my wonderful friends, for reading my stuff. For god's sake, don't ever leave SpN or I'll have no readers at all! *clings to you like seaweed*


And just in case you might be interested in that kinda stuff, I tried to shove as much porn in this story as I could. Not that I'm trying to tempt anyone...*koff* ;)


Mar. 20th, 2015 08:55 pm
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I looked up puka shell necklaces, and this is what I found....

I needed to know for reasons. )

Laughing too hard! :D
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I traded a shift next week so that I have Wednesday I can marathon the season so far and watch new Show that night.

I am at this moment shaking my head at myself. *blushes*
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penguin slap

This is me, strolling along, hoping for inspiration, and lo, inspiration strikes. May your penguin come home to roost, my friends. Except...penguins don't fly. Or roost I guess, because you'd need to have a nest first and they don't make nests do they, but apparently they have very warm feet. With the eggs on their feet and stuff. My feet are always cold, I know this by the way Mr. R screams. So, anyway, the whole point of this post is, "Be careful around penguins, they are sneaky little bitches and will whack you when you least expect it."

I think that was the point. Maybe not.

I bet that one penguin was cheatin' on the other, why the hit. I know I would....

Snow Day!! :D
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Say, why when the secret that our hero has kept through most of the story--that he's a famous/actor/singer/writer, whatever--is revealed, the other party is always, "OMG YOU BASTARD YOU HAVE LIED TO ME!" instead of "Fucking, what?? That's so cool!!"

Don't get me wrong, those are some of my fav stories, and I get that we need that reaction to push the fic but wouldn't you be all intrigued and surprised in a *good* way? *I* would, especially being the poor-assed bitch I am. Not gonna lie, I'd rub my hands together like a satisfied hamster and start planning how I was going to spend the money that my previously poor love interest suddenly has.

Does that make me shallow? But of course! :D

That's why I probably shouldn't write stories like that. I'd have J1 clicking his heels up and dragging J2 to the best restaurants, picking out new apartments, leather goods, and matching cars. And J2 would be all, 'Should I be upset by the revelation of what a money grip this boy seems to be? *sigh* He is hung like Seabiscuit, though...." and on to rolling in dough and orgasms, happy endings forever, ta-da.

Friday, yo, and I'm off again! This has been the best week, you guys! Be warned, I'm feeling a little babbly today. Ask me stuff! Drop in and babble with me!


Jan. 5th, 2015 12:18 am
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More or less. :) 412 words tonight. Will write 400 words every night this week, swear on Sammy's head. Not much but start out small, right?

I'm thinking about the BB. I've almost changed my mind about doing one more, I think. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing the Sam Dean OTP4EVAHomgyes minibang this year unless I can come up with a faaaabulous idea. My promise to myself is that if I finish Public Enemies soon, I'll be able to seriously think about the challenges. Maybe have more confidence, even. Heck, maybe I'll just write a sequel to my last year's BB, the notwerewolf story. I have a ton of fics I can write sequels to. We'll think about it. I'll probably end up on a few folks' doorstep, so to speak, whining and begging for handholding and nummy treats....mmmmmm, cookies....

Or maybe I'll write about my life, thinly disguised as a J2. Boring, you say? Heck no! There was that time I spent as a trapeze artist, the Slightly Amazing Flying Wahoonie. Oh,and then there was my short excursion into a life of crime--safecracking is no joke, yo. Or maybe that whole thing where I ran a bordello and sold my own line of handmade, gourmet chocolate-covered, cream-filled cakes on the side. Until a certain national baking company stole my idea *and* name for them. Still bitter about those Ho-Hos, you bastards.

See? If I put half the dedication into writing as I do being a whackaloon...

Happy New Year. ;D


Dec. 14th, 2014 05:56 pm
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Because I haven't posted anything of substance yet--I'm trying, I really am!--I decided to post this which was from last year's December meme! I never got around to dropping it here, because I'm a procrastinator like that. ;D

so, this was in answer to a question [ profile] tabaqui asked: Wax poetic about the many, many ways that fandom has stretched our kink vocabulary. And tastes.

my answer: Ah, fanfic! Ah, kink memes! You've opened my eyes in a frightening way! Back in the day, I drew the line at RPF, at underage, at watersports, rimming was scary—there were so many, many things I swore I'd avoid at all cost, speaks the person who has written a ton of underage S/D. I haunt AO3 for new J2, I giggle at watersports fic. Rimming? Old hat, my dear, old hat! (though for gods sake, there needs to be more showers involved in rimming fic. also, no m/m fucking and finishing things off with a blowjob. that kind of breaks the willing suspension of disbelief thing i have going on).

Poetic you want? Oh Ponyboy, how you stole my wizened little heart! How you turned my disgust into intrigue, my sharp, startled inhale of repulsed fascination into short, thin breaths of exhilaration…ya'll know I have a thing for this particular fetish. It confuses and entertains me, fascinates and horrifies me at once.

Fanfic has ruined me. I find I have to often take a moment and weigh the situation…Reality, porn…reality…porn….

So there you have it, last year's answer to that question. Nothing has changed overmuch. I've read a few bestiality fics because I have clickitis ("shooo, cain't nothin' freak me ou--YIKES!!") and I have this thing about somehow never reading all the tags. This happened recently, started a story and boy, was I ever confused. I just didn't get what the fic was about. I was reading and thinking, "Well, if he keeps doing that, seems to me he's in danger of OH MY GOD. Well...I...well...hunh. How did I really not get that this story was headed there?"

I wish like crazy I could remember the story or the writer or anything about it so I could share with you but there's just a slightly traumatized blank space in my head. I have the feeling none of ya'll would have been quite as clueless as me going in. How in the hell can you miss bestiality, for god's sake? It wasn't even the first one I've ever read, for cryin'outloud--there was a very sympathetic wolf/Jensen story at the kink meme a few years ago that I liked very much, so it's not like I have no experience...just. tsk.

Still, it was entertaining--I mean, I cracked myself up. I had to laugh at my own horror, it was just so...kinda roxy, I guess. :D :D :D

and that's my over-share for this week. ♥
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BG was home for the weekend, very nice for me, and we caught up on TV shows. She was kind enough to fall asleep on me watching SpN. And speaking of SpN, so far this season is fantastic. I'm enjoying it very much! Love my Show!

We have a tiny little tree this year, no more than 3 ft or so, and we decorated it with the same amount of ornaments that we usually put on a five foot tree. It's...festive. Ha! :D It's bristling with ornaments, lol!

xmas tree! )
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I'm just looking over my tags, and all the things I planned to do with this LJ and gosh, I don't think I've ever completed a darn thing. *sad* I really had the best intentions, you guys. I really wanted to make this an informative and entertaining LJ. *more sad* Instead, we have unfinished projects, volleyballing ideas...I admit publicly that I am a flake of the worst order.

here, have a musical rendition of my feelings, boulevard of broken dreams.... )


Maybe I should post a list of all my WIP projects.

NAH! That'll just make me feel like crap. Looks like you guys are stuck with me rambling about RL and all the thinly veiled references to my sex life...geriatric porn, I hear it's big in Japan.

*gasses up Big Bertha*

All right, Mr. DeMille, we're ready for our close-up....


May. 8th, 2014 10:14 pm
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Smoov, boy, hell yeah!

I have to post this here. For the last three days, I've been looking at it and laughing my ass off, like, almost peeing myself laughing.

Read more... )

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