Sep. 10th, 2016 11:59 pm
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So, I read this whole series called Retail Therapy by All_the_damned_vampires, and I'm reccing it with a warning that it has *all* the warnings, and rightly so. It's the kind of story that will make you ask, "Why, Miz Roze? You know you are an enormous weenie - how did you read this???"

I don't even know! It gave me a stomach ache every time I read it! I had to read it backwards because it was that intense! I'm almost as bad as the Jared in that story when it comes to Hurt/No Comfort stories like this, I just beat myself up! I'm forever clicking and yelping - I should create a comm and call it OMG, roxy clicked on a squick and loved it anyway

If you like torture, emotional manipulation, mind control, rape--and that's just the first date--this might be the thing for you. The enormous plus is that the writing is quick, very smart and a pleasure to read just *because* it is so well written, and lord knows stories like that feel like they are few and far between. It's also pretty darn horrible, no kidding--nobody is a good guy, not at all, but some of them think they just have to read it to get it. Not for the faint of heart, oh boy, if your heart is like mine.


Nov. 4th, 2015 08:24 pm
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It's Wednesday all ready!! I love SpN coming on a Wednesday, it's like a pleasant surprise every week and then the rest of it goes by pretty smoothly.

I read a hocky rpf story by [ profile] ladyjanelly that I absolutely loved, loved the boys, was caught up so hard I just couldn't stop *reading* it. It kind of percolated through my head as original character fic because I know even less about hockey than I do baseball--I believe that's the game you have to kick a ball through a hoop and hit it with a stick when it falls out of the net? All I know about the game is it takes place on ice, Michael Rosenbaum looked hot playing it, and Sidney Crosby look a little like young Clark. See, I know Sidney is a hockey player on a team named for a bird, thank you, [ profile] silsbee329.

Anyway, it was the best story I've read in a while, of that kind of story--lost boys finding each other, one a sort of but not a hooker--more of an oppurtunist, I'd say, but with such a sweet nature, and the other, a lovely, compassionate person who has a really poor picture of himself. Yaaaasss, just my flavor.

It's here, Sink These Roots Deep, if you haven't read it. Lovely story, really. Gosh, I feel like I'm cheating on SpN, reccing a story in a different fandom! On Winchester Wednesday, no less! Oy.
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roxy recs the boys by BT_KADY
banner by [ profile] bt_kady

This season's BB has been a great one for SF lovers. Gaaaaaah—hate saying sci-fi!! Ack! It's hard for us come up in the 60s. It used to be a way to tell the posers from the trufans 'cause only posers said sci-fi. Dang, children—I'm old. And kinda crabby, and totally off topic….

Here are some recs of what I've read so far, in no particular order. Read! Enjoy! Whenever I can, I include a link to the work posted on LJ. If you do read the fic on LJ, please leave a comment there! I'll add stories as I read them. ;D

J2—in spaaaaaaaace! )
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I picked this one first because I had so much fun reading this, you might want to read it too! It's a J2, Jared-centric, unrelated boys. Pining, longing, Chad. There are a few little blips here and there but I never found them strong enough to throw me out of the story. It's very, very long--I love that--but it reads pretty quickly because you just *have* to know what's coming next!

Project Get Jared Banged
On AO3

author's warning: Pseudo-incest (between stepbrothers), Pinning, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, References to low self-esteem and anxiety, Codependent Relationship, Eventual Fluff and Jared being a romantic fool. Possessive-Jealous!Jensen. Insecure!Jared.


Jul. 14th, 2015 03:29 pm
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Mr. Roxy is back, and I slept like a baby! A drunk baby, even! *G* He was exhausted, poor thing. Didn't get in until 2:00. It's nice to have him back. It'll probably take a day or two before he gets on my nerves--let's be for real, ya'll. But good homecomings are good. ;D

I want to write but at the moment, my brain is flat. I started a Cicatrix ficlet, just for me, and I've been slow motion poking at it. I'm thinking about my slave Jensen story, and wondering exactly how Jared went from friends to treating Jensen like a sex toy to feeling bad about it. Not that it's hard to imagine. What's harder to imagine is how a worthless human being develops a spine and a conscience. And speaking of conscience, I just misspelled the hell out of that word and I realize, it's because I mispronounce it. I do that a lot. It's a constant source of surprise to me, when I hear myself talk and realize, oy, I'm saying it wrong!!! But it's a hard habit to break. Or maybe it's more of an accent kind of thing. Like wudder instead of water. I don't know. I strive for a newscaster accent in my dealings with the public, but at home, it's pretty horrible really. Like, if they took 'fuck' away, I'd be practically mute.

Well! *throws up hands* That's all the rambling for today!

samdean roxy rec by bt_kady

Here is a rec for you, one of this year's BBs. I *loved* this story, so much fun to read, with solid, just delicious world building and fabulous characters! It's fantastic science fiction/action fic. This is the movie the Js should be in! :D

Chasing Darkness by [ profile] ashtraythief featuring just really excellent artwork by [ profile] lightthesparks


Jul. 12th, 2015 09:28 pm
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Has anyone else noticed what an ass LJ is being lately? Every day, it's some new stupid shit happening. What the hell? It's most annoying.

So, for listening to me bitch about my nightmare and being so cool about it, thank ya'll, I bring you a gift. :)

I read this story yesterday, not in my fandom but the writer is my oldest friend on LJ, the amazing Mizz [ profile] tabaqui, and the story's just mind-blowing, really! It's Steve/Bucky, historical AU the way historical AU should always be done. This thing is so freaking gorgeous, I read it on one breath. Beautiful! And, so, so, so, SINFULLY hot. Read it, you'll get what I mean. And don't let the fact it's Captain America fandom stop you if that's not your cup of tea--trust me, you will thank me. :)

Corpus et Sanguinem (Body and Blood)

I've been thinking about it off and on all day.


May. 5th, 2015 06:55 pm
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Sam/Cas, sort of. No, it is. But not, even though it is. :)

Kettering (I Was Checking Vitals) by Fabella

Summary:Pre-Season 10, Sam and Castiel hunt together for nearly an entire summer. It goes a little something like this.

This doesn't even begin to tell you how gorgeous this story is. It's fabulous. Trust me, read this. You don't even have to be into Sam/Cas, I swear you'll love it, it's that good.

a message

Jun. 19th, 2014 12:23 am
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to my beloved friend, [ profile] tabaqui,

I just want you to know that I legit couldn't sleep because that damn kid kept popping up in my head the minute I closed my eyes. Your prologue scared the shit out of me. Fucking creepiest thing I've read since...a really long time. Fuck.

Ya'll should be reading this, too. If you're into SF, if you love CWRPS, if you just love cracking good goddamn writing, read this.

The World Where Yesternight You Died

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before I seriously start working.

I loved this week's ep, and I'm not getting into details because it's still in SpoilerVille, but it made me think of this story from way back in the day. It's nothing really like what happened in the show, and is about a bazillion times more beautiful than Show, but...*G*

The Firefly That Loved Metallica. Thank you fleshflutter, for writing it. :)

Tell me that you didn't think of it too!
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If you follow [ profile] cosmic_medusa's Three Kings 'Verse, then be happy--she just posted a wonderful new part! If you're an Andy and Jack fan like me, be doubly happy!

Three Kings features Cas/Dean, (and that lets you know how great it is because I read Cas/Dean so rarely that it's almost never) and they help take care of Sam, who has been dealt as shitty a hand as in Show 'verse. It leads him to addiction and struggling terribly with that. Dean and Cas each have their own problems but the way they all deal with it, and how they're family, will make you melt. Read this: Raggedy Andy and the Slippery Slide
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I'm sorry, but this using a / to indicate a gen relationship really irritates the hell out of me. I'm a SLASH reader and a SLASH writer and more specifically a WINCEST reader and writer. That's my main interest, and when I click on a story that has Sam/Dean in the headline, I expect some form of slash. I don't necessarily need out and out sex--though that's more than nice, but it pisses me off when it turns out to be a completely, *totally* gen story, or worse, a het story. Nothing wrong with either, just not when I'm expecting guy love. When I want to read gen, I read gen. Much, much more rarely, I'll read het. I just like to know what it is I'm reading.

I know that these folks aren't posting like that intending to misrepresent, I think that they just don't get that there's a difference. We've talked about this a few times here. Is it not the same other fandom places? Is it only LJ anymore that adheres to the slash meaning a M/M relationship?

*throws hat down and flings hands up*

samdean roxy rec by bt_kady

Had to get that off my chest. Okay, I bitched, so let me rec a fucking fabulous GEN story. See? I read them sometimes. Are you wondering where Sam's at, what's going on under that massive forehead? This fic explains it all. It's chilling, heartbreaking, *scary* as fuck and just plain amazing. I really liked it.

Stapled Shut, Inside an Outside World by[ profile] caranfindel
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I grew up liking a particular type of fairy tale, because of my mom. She read us fairy tales from a beautifully illustrated book of Norse fairy tales, so I like tales that take place in ice and snow. Which brings me to this lovely tale, The Lord of the Northern Wind by [ profile] morvith , a J2 based on a Russian fairy tale. It's beautifully written, and as I commented at the time, it flowed like an old-fashioned fairy tale, while also feeling very modern. I also commented that I saw the story in my head as being illustrated by Kay Nielsen, a long ago, incredibly talented illustrator.

Which brings me also to this. I was inspired by that tale, and going with my NYResolution to try to do a bit more drawing, here's my effort. I had a lot of fun doing this, and I promise, you'll enjoy reading the story!

(ignore weird edges, i'll never get the hang of posting stuff. Or scanning stuff....)

The Lord of the Northen Wind )
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ETA: and one by me! What the hell, right? (pimp-ocity)

ETA again: Ask me how the hell I forgot A Priori? *headslap*

You know I *adore* amnesia fics. I love them like a portly child loves torte. I'm not sure why...well, there is the angst factor of us knowing and one character knowing but the other skipping along, all unaware and happy as a daisy in May. Or close to it. I've added a list here of some of my very favorites. I probably mentioned some of these before but they're all worth the reread. Trust me on this. After all, if you can't trust a chubby,scaley, big-headed, little-armed pornographer, who can you trust? Ah?

Click the pic!

. )roxy recs the boys by BT_KADY. )
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omgosh, my friends, read this gorgeous, gorgeous story by [ profile] rikyu, Together Like the Devil and Sin. You know Yer Mother is a sucker for a good historical piece, particularly stories set in these times and oh my, this is perfect! The most beautiful BB I've read this year! Such atmosphere, and the background, and there's just wonderful attention to details plus a really natural, heart-warming (and stuff *koff*) love it, let me know how you loved it! :)
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samdean roxy rec by bt_kady

I'm reccing wingfic today. Remember wingfic? It's a genre that there's not much of these days. Well, actually, I'm sure there are tons of stories, but I'm not much of an angel/boy shipper so no doubt I'm missing new stuff.

Wingfic was like kink training wheels to me. I'm not an especially kinky person. I don’t write kink, and before LJ, I had no idea really what kink meant. I thought it was all about ballgags and floggers and maybe shiny boots. I learned that it was about much, much more than that. It took me a while, I think, to really learn to appreciate other folks kinks, or at least tolerate. But wingfic…like most of my forays into the Not Vanilla Worlds it started with me snortling hard at the idea that great, big, smelly feather-shedding wings could be sexy. The very idea of my beloved Dean dragging big chicken accoutrement behind him made me giggle at the sheer stupidity of it. Until I read one, and was stunned at just how hot the whole idea was. And then I wanted to read more, and then, I wanted thinky, angsty stories about wings and the consequences of having them. (and then I started clicking on other types of kink not all of them with the same happy results but what the heck—nothing ventured, right?)

I like that we can come at wings from different places depending on whether it’s CWRPF or Spn. Generally SpN is a magical occurrence, and RPF tends to be biological. That's what I love about this fandom—you get two for the price of one.

What I'm going to recommend to you are a Sam/Dean fic, and an RPF fic. Though these stories are not at all flip sides of each other, I think they illustrate what I mean.
Wow. How did this turn out to be all about me?

Darker Pieces of the Night, by [ profile] zubeneschamali, is a wonderful RPF wingfic featuring Jared as a Marvel—a mutated human gifted(or cursed as some see it—society at large is just as bigoted, for reasons just as stupid, as RL bigots). There's some lovely world building, background given without making the story grind to a halt, or even pause for a coffee, and some really lovely, lovely descriptions of flying. We have Jared meeting cop Jensen, and the story takes off like a roller coaster. Jensen is kind and caring; Jared is sweet and a little insecure. Your Mother loved it.

Flight Patterns by [ profile] gretazreta
This SpN wingfic isn't fluffy or cracky in the least. It's an AU retelling, more or less, of Show, with a winged Dean who's only slightly different than the Dean we know.
The story's told from Sam's POV, and it's a view concentrated on Dean. I think this line says it all: Sam thinks about it, tries to imagine what it must be like, to have that freedom, the ability to leave behind the squalid little motel rooms, their father's obsessions, Sam himself. To have all that power at your command, and then to revert, once again, to an earthbound clay-footed human boy.
All will become clear when you read this story!
The story is full of beautiful writing and beautiful imagery and it's so worth a read or three.

So there you have it. A long-winded ramble to get to the juicy stuff. Enjoy the recs. :)
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roxy recs the boys by BT_KADY
banner by [ profile] bt_kady

Title: Dabarim
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/OMC, Dean/Sam
Rating: Hard R
Originally posted: 2008-10-05
Word count: 6636
Summary: This rec is a call-out to season 8, but not a season 8 story, it's an AU set after Dean goes to Hell. I *love* this story, I love [ profile] rivkat's work. It's an older one and I know most of you have already read it, but if it's been a while, read it again. There's brilliant writing and a wonderfully in character Dean and Sam.

Some of the best stories in this fandom start with Sam and Dean apart, for various reasons, and how they make their way back to each other. This is a story about Sam leaving Dean. Or a story about Dean leaving Sam—it's pretty much a matter of perception and interpretation on their parts. There's a golem but I'm not going to say more than that. There's angst, nicely controlled and layered, with Dean thinking he's dealing with the hits just fine, thank you. Never mind that mostly he's punching himself. And the golem—no, no, you have to find out on your own. But you should read it quickly before I can't stop myself. *slaps hand over mouth* Go! Read! Comment!

Fic Rec!

Apr. 22nd, 2013 12:11 am
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I read this story by [ profile] meus_venator Spots Get In Your Eyes and I was motivated, like I haven't been in ages, to draw the main characters of this story! It's so god damn cute, I swear! Go read it--you'll love!

And here's Jared the Chipmunk and Jensen the Hamster! )
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Okay, here's the pic that I threatened promised you I would post! It's a little bit unfinished but I thought I should leave it alone before I overworked it. It looks like shit in this LJ so I'm posting a link to my sekrit sockmuppet LJ. Shhhhhhhhh! Don't tell no one!

Now, this boy is a character from a story that I've recced here before. I love this story as much now as I did then. I'm thrilled when the author updates, she's slow about it, but not as slow as I am on some of my WIPs. (yes, it's a WIP) She's written some of my fav fics--she's brilliant, and pulls no punches--I've yet to read the end of her SPNBB for this year because it freaked me out that much. Her stories drag me in and I get totally emotionally involved, my yes!

Please to be clicking these links the Story, and my little drawing of my very favorite OC in all the land, Littlest Brother Ross.


Sep. 1st, 2012 07:22 pm
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I'm reading a story that has seriously kicked my ass. I'm crying, like disgusting, like slobber and noise. It's not pretty, not at all.

The story is the fourth part of the Haven Verse, This Thing of Darkness, and it's fucking me up like you wouldn't believe. My wrinkled little heart is broken!

I need porn. *snurffle*

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