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Elliot and I approve! That's a name a child can wear proudly, without a lot of explaining 'bout how mom and dad smoked up and drew random words out of a hat. That's the Padaleckis, though, great taste in all things!

Music Meme!

Mar. 2nd, 2016 10:25 pm
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From everyone and their Granny.

So, this was very educational. I thought, what the hey, this looks like fun! A thousand hours of my life later, I learned that it was hard, so hard, and I'm OLD!! So old!! My songs are all from the distant past!! Points if you listen to any of them. ;D

Rock and Roll with Me David Bowie
Oh Boy Cam'ron
X gone give it ya DMX
You Are My StarshipNorman Conners
Money, Power, Respect the Lox, feat. Lil Kim, DMX
Imperial Rah Diggah
Scary Monsters & Super Creeps David Bowie
Sweet Thing David Bowie
Renee by lost boyz
Operator Manhattan Transfer
Satellite of Love Lou Reed
Encore Jay-Z

This is what we do instead of writing....
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I love the way Mr. R calls Christian Kane 'the kid'. "You know, that kid--the hitter, the tough one, you know--The KID."

"Christian Kane?"

"Yeah, that guy."

"He's like, 41, y'know."

"No he's not."

"No, really, he's--"

"No he's not."
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What's up, people? I have the day off from work and I'm supposed to be cleaning house in preparation for this weekend's celebration, a celebration of the day my child hit the planet. Yay!

She actually saw my LJ for the first time the other day--she wanted to see the merepeople. I gave her the link and told her, "Don't scroll up or down." Hah! Poor thing.

♥Can anyone explain to me what "div" means? I keep seeing it in stories and from context I'm guessing it means something like divine but where the hell did this word come from? It's an odd one to me. Maybe it's just the New Jersey coming out.

♥I'm wanting to do some official roxy recs, there have been a few stories I've read that are pretty damn amazing. There have been a few stories I've read that have been less than. It's been a really uneven BB year, I find. Still, it's great that the enthusiasm for the BB is still there. It makes me happy that w still care so much about those characters. And it's a great way to fill the time between seasons, right? I mean, besides compulsively watching the eps over and over again, not that I know anyone who would do such a thing. :)

♥Remember when I said I wasn't going to do another SamDeanOTP minibang...*koff* And I already know what I'm going to do for next year's BB. Unless I start posting it here. Which I shouldn't because I have that slavefic slowly chugging away. Yep.

♥So, I'm home and feeling babbly. Questions, anyone? Stuff you'd like to know about me? Stuff you want me to make up about me? Ya'll know me, I can go on about myself forevah!


heck yeah!


Jul. 7th, 2015 09:57 pm
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Reading, so much reading! I'm working my way through the BBs now, and I'm feeling pretty good! I've done a bit of housework, emptied suitcases and washed and put clothes and stuff away, I'm going to make dinner for tomorrow in a bit so when I get home from work, all I have to do is sit back and aaaaaaaahhh.

I couldn't really read while I was away on vacation, I just could never really relax enough to let myself get lost in the stories. But, I did manage to work on my slave Jensen fic and will post it shortly. I've decided to do this in a series of one-shots that aren't exactly one-shots but aren't exactly chapters either. Exciting, no? Intriguing, perhaps? Yas, my friends. It is. *nods*

Ach, also let me extend birthday wishes to some very fine ladies!
To you, [ profile] selinamoonfire, many hugs, and to the talented and incredible [ profile] quickreaver, and to my fellow Michael lover, [ profile] tasabian, who keeps us posted on what our lovely boy is doing!

♥ to you all--hope it was, and will be, a very good day! ;D
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I sent a note to [ profile] sillie82 recently, because of an interesting comment in a post of mine. I thought I should share my wondering with you,'cause I'm nice like that.

The issue was warning for top/bottom. Now me, I don’t get why it matters. I like switching the best, maybe I'm just greedy. In years past, I would have really gotten steamed about being asked to warn for who tops or bottoms. Nowadays, I sort of get that it's not my judgment to make, and for some people, it's *very* important. I'm working like hell to be more open to other folks—so I'm going to try and remember to tag for that stuff.

A question to you all.

I get how you label Top Dean(or top whoever). That means of course, that Dean is fucking various characters, not being fucked. So, how do you label it if there's non-penetrative sex, but one is clearly the aggressor, for lack of a better word? Would the person instigating the sex be the top? Does it even apply in a situation like that?

What do you think? What tags would you like to see that folks don’t use enough? What tags should people stop using? I vote "this is crap I don’t even know". I do—NONCLICKY.
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I swear to gawd people, John wasn't *that* bad, for crying out loud! I'm sure he had buttloads of issues and made some really, really crappy decisions but he wasn't a murderous, drink-addled, child abusing monster. I'm sure he was a dick and an asshole from time to time, he definitely was a drill sergeant more often than he was a dad but he *was* their dad. And don't forget, in that family Sam was the little prince and Dean was what every older sibling was before we got all cautious with our kids--junior parent, babysitter, instructor, protector--and torturer, the only real perk you got for doing all that.

All we know about John we get from Dean and Sam and neither one of them is a reliable source of info when it comes to John.

I also believe that while he might have told Dean that they might have to kill Sam one day, he would never have done it. He might have believed that in order to save his kid he would, but I just can't see it. He might have seen the world in terms of black or white but it's a whole 'nother thing when your kids are involved. Parents will do almost anything before they'll admit their kids are a write-off. I doubt he could have, any more than Dean could have. That's my opinion.

I enjoy a horrible John occasionally, if it's well written it can really drive a story. But making him the MOTW just because you can't create your own characters or monsters...*shakes head* I'm judging.

Mind you, I haven't forgotten the story I wrote where John was a murderous, drink-addled, child abusing monster.
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I owe this picture to [ profile] rosy5000, who eons ago sent me a pair of lovely shirts and I said I'd send her a pic so, finally here it is!

Also, this is for the folks I'll be meeting up with this September so I don't come as such a shock! For those of you who think of me as a tall, willowy, Gina Torres look-alike, well. I hate to disappoint you. I also don't look like a pale angel in bondage or a flaming heart, or a smirking wolf. I do look like a chubby little Black woman of a certain *koff* age. Also, maybe a whole lot a tiny bit like a café-au-lait hued Nanny Ogg.

Avert your eyes, those of delicate sensibilities! )
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I got lost last night and missed Show. I didn't work on my BB, I didn't do anything. I slept a lot. It was pretty good sleep. and I had a good reason for it.

Folks, let me share with you my traumatic work day--which led to hugs and pats and cuddling for mental support which morphed into 'race you up the stairs'--oh, let me not lie, power-walk--I'm not racing anyone up any stairs, out of shape as I am....

So, my day at work? Just, omg, filled with people who had a tenuous grasp on hygiene, and where the appropriate places to urinate were--hint, not the fitting rooms. I had to boil my hands and apply outrageous amounts of sanitizer before I was able to overcome my attack of the vapours.

I was cleaning out a fitting room and cursing the lazy-ass lazy bitch who left hangers and stuff all over the floor instead of bringing them out when I grabbed one that was wet. And the liquid on the white hanger was yellow. And the only reason I didn't scream the house down was that my throat locked up.

My bare hands, my friends. My bare hands on this...thing. Stuff.

Beloveds, Yer Mother might have some slight issues with strangers. And touch. Probably not more so than the average person but maybe scooching over into OHMYGAWD territory, just a bit. So that was rather paralyzingly horrifying. I just went blank for a second--like, my fingers would not open to release this thing.

I'm just a simple, country fitting room attendant, I don't expect to have to deal with anything like this, lord have mercy. All I want to do is make sure no one's stealing stuff, that's all.

I should start wearing gloves all the time...or maybe change the fitting room spiel. "May I count your items, thank you, please return what you don't care for to the desk--oh and by the way, please don't pee in the room..."
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You know, I just found out that I never posted a link to the fic when I posted my [ profile] samdean_otp mini-bang last year. Boy...I'm kind of amazed now that I got any comments on that at all. Thank you, my wonderful friends, for reading my stuff. For god's sake, don't ever leave SpN or I'll have no readers at all! *clings to you like seaweed*


And just in case you might be interested in that kinda stuff, I tried to shove as much porn in this story as I could. Not that I'm trying to tempt anyone...*koff* ;)
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Hello, my friends! How goes it?

I am feeling pretty darn cocky, myself! The Soap Opera continues to go well, nice word count, and I'm figuring maybe 25,000-ish when I'm done. I've got a title, or at least some good ideas for one. That's like the hardest part for me, seriously. It takes me forever. How are my fellow bangers doing? Progress? Happiness with idea?

I'll be asking this question from time to time because, one, I really do want to know how it's going and cheerlead if you need me, and two, I just like saying banger. :D

So, tell me, All-knowing flist--once you change to the new (or at this point not-as-newish) style, how do you change back? *throws hands up* Can they ever stop and *ask* us if we want these shiny new things?

no title

Just because he's so damn pretty in uniform. :)
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This week is almost over and I have not been as productive as I hoped I would be. So, I did this, I printed out the bit I have so far and I'm editing it on paper because I can usually see it better that way. I have stacks of scribbled over bits of different stories! I don't know why it's easier this way but it is. I tend to see mistakes better, get the flow better. It does get expensive after a while, especially when it's a long story. Sometimes, I end up with big fat folders full of the same five pages, scribbled and high-lighted all over. :D

Also, as time goes by, I am more and more unhappy with my laptop. The keyboard is just godawful, hinky and touchy and just stupid. It's terrific for reading and watching shit on because it's huge, but for writing--gaaah! It is not for me. Of course, it's taken me a few years to admit out loud how much I hate this thing...*sigh* I feel bad about that because it wasn't cheap, and I was raised by folks who survived the Great Depression on one side and WWII on the used stuff up until there was nothing but fuzz left and gosh, rarely replaced an item just because you didn't like it.Especially if it cost an arm and a leg! Which I have been told that I didn't spend much at all for the laptop so shut up and replace it but GUYS. It's not broken, I just don't like it.

I'm posting this, because I'd like to break my streak of writing long drawn out posts full of personal feels and meandering, blabbly thoughts about my Show and my life and then deleting them. You don't even know what I've saved you from, because I love you. And yes, because I don't want to come off as a ranting, weird, sometimes grossly over-sharing person...but I suspect that ship has sailed....


Jan. 5th, 2015 12:18 am
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More or less. :) 412 words tonight. Will write 400 words every night this week, swear on Sammy's head. Not much but start out small, right?

I'm thinking about the BB. I've almost changed my mind about doing one more, I think. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing the Sam Dean OTP4EVAHomgyes minibang this year unless I can come up with a faaaabulous idea. My promise to myself is that if I finish Public Enemies soon, I'll be able to seriously think about the challenges. Maybe have more confidence, even. Heck, maybe I'll just write a sequel to my last year's BB, the notwerewolf story. I have a ton of fics I can write sequels to. We'll think about it. I'll probably end up on a few folks' doorstep, so to speak, whining and begging for handholding and nummy treats....mmmmmm, cookies....

Or maybe I'll write about my life, thinly disguised as a J2. Boring, you say? Heck no! There was that time I spent as a trapeze artist, the Slightly Amazing Flying Wahoonie. Oh,and then there was my short excursion into a life of crime--safecracking is no joke, yo. Or maybe that whole thing where I ran a bordello and sold my own line of handmade, gourmet chocolate-covered, cream-filled cakes on the side. Until a certain national baking company stole my idea *and* name for them. Still bitter about those Ho-Hos, you bastards.

See? If I put half the dedication into writing as I do being a whackaloon...

Happy New Year. ;D
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This has probably been posted hither and yon, but I just found it and thought it was definitely worth sharing, especially if you write non-AU J2. :)

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