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There will be a pause in my 30 days of me-me. I'm frantically trying to get my house in livable condition for my guest--a dear friend of mine, someone I've known for years and years and years. I'm excited. Also, stressed, anxious--just this side of panicky. Of course she knows me, knows what I'm like, but tell that to the part of my brain that likes to unhinge at the least bit of change. Also, there is a trip involved. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyys, you know I hate traveling. I hate vacations and staying strange places and agonizing over whether I have enough Imodium with me and will it work and god forbid, what happens if it doesn't and damn it, I won't be able to eat anything and, and, and....*hewp* I can go a very long time without eating stuff, and I'm really good at faking like I am eating, but it's exhausting!! Ach! I will concentrate on the good stuff, and worry about the other shit when I'm there. Good thing is, Fam is my backbone. When stuff starts getting rough, I can count on them to try and tone it down, thank god.

And it's not all bad. My house is clean! Like, no dust and random shit laying here and there. I'm so pleased. And when I retire, it can be like this allllllllll the time.

HAHAHAHAAAAAA. Whew! *wipes eyes*

Anyhoo, when I'm back here, there will be pics of celeb crushes and me, whoooooo!! And more fascinating business about, yes, me. If you're still reading this, thank you for having that freak-out with me. ;D
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Today was crazy-ass crazy day at the old Red Bulls-eye Satan fitting room. I had a complaint lodged against me, for no reason that I can see. I had so many people look at me like I'd arbitrarily decided to make their day more difficult. Children took time today to practice being little bitches on a safe adult, adults practiced being assholes on someone they mistakenly think is required to take their bullshit. Okay, so I can't lean close and say, "You are a fucking pain in my ass and I'm thinking a bigot." No, I have to let my eyes say that. A half-smile and a slight roll of the eyeballs says plenty. Or coming to a complete stop, smiling wide and saying,"Suuuuure." to their stupid little requests.

I'm astounded all over again at how many people have claustrophobia. Here's a tip, asshole--if you tell me in a conversational tone of voice that you are suffering from this problem, if you try to, y'know, not *shout* it at me, or stamp your little feet, or give me a look full of challenge, I will show you to a large fitting room without question. If you ae obviously struggling--broken bones, back pain, pregnant, you are automatically getting the big room. But here's what you can't have, no matter how much you glare at me in hatred--you cannot go into the wheelchair accessible room because your ass doesn't need it.

th__000godzilla by gifmaster500

I said NO

WTFuck? Why do people want that damn room? What the hell? The door opens outwards, that's *it*. That's the only difference between the family fitting rooms and the wheelchair accessible ones--that and maybe a foot more of space. *smh*

I'm leaving them in June. I intend to dedicate the rest of my life to painting tiny watercolors of kittens and flowers. Maybe I'll join one of those senior art classes, make little ceramic penis vases, maybe little ring dishes shaped like vaginas. I'm looking forward to it.
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Show has been very interesting these last few eps. I watched the recent one with BG and she was impressed. She even watered up when Dean had his horrible moment in the bathroom. She grudgingly admitted that Jensen acted the hell out of that, and nodded when he remembered Sam's name at the crisis point. "Of course," she said and she wasn't even being sarcastic. *beams*

So, remember when I was thrilled that BG joined me working at Red Bullseye Satan? Well, she is leaving me now. On to a career change, one we hope will be satisfying for her. It's a bit of a pay cut, but she's willing to take it to do something she thinks will be her future. I hope so. It's a wonderful thing to work in a job that provides you not only with a paycheck, but with satisfaction. How many of us can say that? So, what with my baby moving on, it's time, I think, to give serious thought to retiring. Can we afford it? Not really. But we never will, and I don't want to work until I'm too dead to care.

Thoughts anyone? Advice? Links to really juicy porn?

(me, thinking about retirement)


Feb. 4th, 2017 05:55 pm
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Dear Diary,

Should I devote the next few hours of my life to rereading Freak Camp, or doing some work on my BB, or shoveling out the crud that has accumulated in my house? Pleasure, or pain?

I don't have tomorrow because I am once again roped into the Superbowl Extravaganza. Fuck, I hate football unless it's wrapped up in a fanfic featuring Jared and Jensen. How can people not get that I am so uninterested, that anymore disinterest on my part and I would be a dead roxy? My portly little cadaver parked in front of a too-big TV, clutching a plate of nachos in my stiffened expression wouldn't be any different in my death-by-boredom state than it normally is on superbowl day.

My house...I've given up on this joint. Love me, love the strings of dust that waft gently in the breeze you make by walking. I've almost managed to convince everyone that grime is healthy for you. No need to use all that anti-bac shit if your body is building up immunities by constantly fighting off the germs happily growing on every surface.

I wish I was kidding....

I am working on my BB, though. I've cleaned off the desk, laid on a few fresh note pads, rearranged my minis in a pleasing configuration, parked my tiny Impala catty-corner to my lamp, bought fresh coffee and cleaned out the one-shot coffee maker, one of those old-style Black & Deckers from the 90s, when K-cups were just a gleam in someone's over-caffeinated eye. It's just like me--still works, even if it's a little cranky and kinda hit-and- miss. I need some inspiration, though. I'll need to print out some pics of our boys. Possibly look up some porn for scenes I'll never actually write. That is my MO.

So, here's hoping I'll see ya'll tomorrow night, after the Day of Torture Superbowl. I don't even know who's in it. But I am having fun asking Mr. R, "Who's in the football match? How many goals do they have to dunk before they win the cup?" heheheh.

Nah, y'know what? I choose Freak Camp.

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I was gone! Did you notice??

You didn't notice. :(

We did a belated anniversary trip to the Finger Lakes. It was pretty awesome, just gorgeous views everywhere. I even went on a hike! A very, very, short hike - no more than an hour - but again, amazing views and more importantly, I survived.

I'll try and post pictures. You'll recognize me instantly, I'm the one who looks like a garden dwarf.
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How's it going? Haven't been here for a couple of days. Went to the shore. Or down the shore, however people who like the place say it. I hate the fucking beach. I hate the sand, the moisture, the way everything stays wet all the damn time, I hate the smell of the fact, the only time I like the ocean is in fanfic or moonlight walks, just me and him, all alone, and even then they better be short and end in sex. Definitely NOT on the beach.

I stayed in our hotel room. (don't even get me started about the hotel--fucking Overlook Hotel of the Sea) and read. I enjoyed some excellent fanfic, read Cri de Cœur, which I enjoyed very much, started Home Is Where You are, and I'm enjoying that too.

There was a BBQ fest setting up while we were there, and Mr R loves his ribs, so we wandered around. Bought peach-flavored bbq sauce, which sounds gross, but it's very tasty. I think it'll go great on chicken and salmon. Looking forward to him making me some. ;D

The reason we went to the shore was my niece's desire to tan and get sandy. It was great to have her home, but we saw very little of her. I guess that's what happens when your children are grown and have sig others. There were some deeply hurt feelings (all mine) because instead of staying with us, they stayed in Philly. Because, it turned out, she didn't want to bother us, or have her SO get in "our way". (giant air quotes) My response was that we were willing to have him there because we loved her, and if he "got in my way" there was a room upstairs with a door on it, and he could take his ass "Up there" and "shut the motherfuckin' door behind him." which I said with love. He's a very nice guy, really, and no trouble at all. We fixed that ridikilisness and all is good now. But my friends, it was a draining, anxiety-ridden couple of days for me, and I felt like I took some huge steps backwards, me-wise. Still, saw my baby, had some good days, and now I'm gonna sleep the sleep of the just.
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mother's day was very, very good to me....


Apr. 11th, 2016 10:58 pm
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Mr. R got a total of how much he donated this year to his church. Guess how much? $666.00. We thought that was kind of gigglesome. :D
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I got a ton of great stuff for Christmas--I always do--but I meant to share this with you! I post pics of the stuff I get because you guys are the only ones who'll say, "Oh, damn, girl, that's so fuckin' cool!" :D :D

And you know folks in RL, they just roll their eyes and look at me sorta fond/amused/exasperated/confused and say. "Un-hunh."

cute stuff under the cut! )
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This day was like being steeped in a lake of fire in hell. Retail, holidays, flailing management and useless temp hires who think 'temp hire' means come in to work when your lazy ass feels like it--or quit on a dime when you realize that the job involves more than walking around saying "May I help you?" all conspire to make you feel like you'd be justified in flipping a table and screaming "GET OUT, GET THE FUCK OUT, OUT, OUT!! AND TAKE YOUR FUCKING SCREAMING KIDS WITH YOU!!!!" Fa-la-la.

So how's by you?

Also, I will come to your house and clean your windows, wax your floors, whatever it is that cleaning house involves (I'm sure more than what I do: squint at the place and murmur reflectively, "gotdamn, somebody should clean this shit.") if you can get me to write. I waaaaaaaant to, it's just everything in the world keeps me from doing what I want to do. *unhappy sigh* I want to work on my BB, my PE, my slave fic....poop. Oh well. Que Sera Sera an' stuff.


Nov. 26th, 2015 12:03 pm
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My new haircut makes me look like Tintin.

I like it, though. :D

Got the green bean casserole in the oven, broke down and made an apple pie. I cheated and bought the crust--ain't nobody got time to make a crust. Now, I'm just waiting for Satan to bring my sis over. Until then, I'm going to read some stuff. Maybe try to write some stuff. Try to talk myself out of writing Auntie Mame as J2 for next year's BB. It does make me laugh though--random chortles out of nowhere that you reeeeeally don't want to explain! :D

So here we are at Thanksgiving, and I have so much to be thankful for. I wish every one of you the best day you can possibly have, and even if I haven't talked to you in a while, it doesn't mean that I don't love you. I do! I count on ya'll to keep my spirits up and you do just that. I would insert that beating heart gif here, but last time ya'll just went on and on about throbbing scrotums and such, so I'll do this instead. ;D

bill and ted b excellent

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You guys, I just can't get it together! I'm so tired, how is it even possible to be this tired and still be alive? I read a bit, leave a few comments, and then my brain is exhausted and I have to nap. I spend most of the time I'm not working laying in bed writing beautiful new chapters to stories that ya'll will never read. And then my inner shlub has me just about convinced that I can't really write anyway. Does that make sense? NO! None at all! But wrapped up all warm and stuff in my blankie, I believe it. Maybe I'm coming down with something.

I have cooked some stuff for the Thanksgiving dinner--my famous cornbread stuffing. I'm kidding, it's not famous. They do ask for it every year, but I think it's that thing where it's a tradition and you have to have it whether it's edible or not, sort of like fruitcake. Mr. R is smoking a turkey. I hope that makes you giggle as much as it makes me giggle. Smoke a turkey...*snorfle* And every year, I ask him where he gets papers that big and doesn't the grease make them fall apart and he rolls his eyes...ah, family tradition!!

I'm working normal people hours this Black Friday, thank the lord. Nobody needs to have me trying to deal with people and being this fucking tired. Not a good match.

Speaking of tired, going to bed. Love you! Ya'll have a good Thanksgiving! ♥ ♥
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On a totally different note, ever since I want to NJ con this year, Mr R has been all completely different about fandom, us in specific. Now that's he's finally seen the faces and the crowds, he seems to understand.

Since he met the roommates, however briefly, and they weren't carrying axes or t-shirts reading "PORN! ASK ME HOW!" and both BG and he could see that they weren't planning on rendering me for my usable bits to sell on the black market, he (and she, possibly) understand that it's all about folks just like me. He's been all bright and inquisitive when I mention fandom things--and so quick to point out stuff he finds. Before, he'd do it like a dutiful husband, now he does it like he's bringing me chocolate. I like it a lot. Also, there's a lot less flinching like a frightened stallion when he reads stuff over my shoulder now, but that might just be age and one's reflexes wearing down....

We had some major changes going on at home and that's part of why I've been quiet lately. That, and I guess this is just the time of year that I wind down a bit and retreat into my den, moaning and whining to myself and vowing to eat worms. I'm feeling better, though. Not so much with the moaning now. Whining still going on. Thank goodness for Show. :)

my husband

Oct. 25th, 2015 10:30 pm
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I was watching Walking Dead earlier and a scene made me scream my brains out and cry, like, totally, completely--screaming, crying, snot and tears and gasping for breath. He came running out of the back room, and even after he found out why I was crying, hugged me and rubbed my head and kissed me all over--assured me that I wasn't an idiot and I had a right to be sad.

How the fuck did I get so lucky?

Family :)

Oct. 9th, 2015 10:43 pm
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On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 roxy wrote:

Leyla. You really should delete that address. (after having shipped us something she wanted for…well, we don't keep count how many times )

From Leyla:

No, I use it for Christmas shopping, which is right around the corner.

In fairness to ~*Me*~, I placed that order at the same time as the one that was just delivered, so I only made the mistake once. In the past 3 months.

On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 roxy wrote:

I mean, what if you took your name off of it and put me or Uncle Ed's instead? Or make a fake name like, y'know, Chris M. Prezants, or Gif T. Sforfolks

From Leyla:

I can look at that...What about Mr. Stuf Yerstockn?

On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 roxy wrote:

Sounds like cheesy gay porn. mind you, cheesy gay porn has a place in this world, my yes.

From Leyla:

I was gonna say.

But. Probably not at our christmas. Then again, it is OUR Christmas...and we're weird as hell...

On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 roxy wrote:
Mr. Stuf Yerstockn it is!! :D

From Leyla:

Sir Yerstockn in the house!
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I love the way Mr. R calls Christian Kane 'the kid'. "You know, that kid--the hitter, the tough one, you know--The KID."

"Christian Kane?"

"Yeah, that guy."

"He's like, 41, y'know."

"No he's not."

"No, really, he's--"

"No he's not."

hey guys!

Aug. 28th, 2015 11:46 pm
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Just wanted to let you know that after we got the news about Mr. R's dad we left for Georgia the next day--*DRIVING* We are here now, totally exhausted, so I'll catch up on comments soon--thank you, folks who left lovely comments on Public Enemies! :)
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To all of you who sent Mr. R good wishes and support during a rough time for him, please know that he was deeply, deeply touched. It meant so much to him, to know so many folks wished him well. His dad passed last night, at home, surrounded by people who loved him.

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