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I wish that when people leave you kudos at AO3, there was an option that you could send them a kudo for giving you kudos...or something way less complicated than that. :D

I got a comment today on an old SV story that made my eyes get all round and wide--hard to do because I'm a naturally squinty-eyed kind of person, so you can just imagine. It was a good comment, in fact, a great one, but it made me realize just how damn freaky the story was, lol! And now I know where the scene came from that's been floating in my head. I've been haunted by a scene from one of my own fics, and couldn't for the life of me remember which one! Is that a sign of creeping age, or does that happen to other people too? And if it doesn't just lie and nod.

My flu-shot arm hurts a little. Is that normal? I still feel salty from the ocean. Do you think that's all in my mind? So, what really happens if you fill your mouth with PopRocks and drink coke? Do you think folk faking sex for the movies sometimes actually have sex? I think they'd have to concentrate really hard on blocking stuff out--filming looks like a weird business to me. Plus, why are people not in porn vids are always so *quiet* when they're having sex?? All that discreet little gasping and moaning. Tchah! I like the neighborhood to know that Mr. R's got an excellent handle on the job.

This post is what is what life is like for Mr R. He gets these kind of questions every day, once or twice at least, for--gee, thirty-seven years. Plus he gets me staring intently into his eyes while he tries to figure out how to answer me. Sometimes--not very often because he's made of very strong stuff--he breaks and just starts laughing. I count those rare times as a major win.

This rambling, hard-to-understand-in-spots post is brought to you by insomnia. You're welcome!! :D


BD month!

Aug. 14th, 2016 09:55 pm
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So, self-recs, how about them? :D

I'm reccing a story of mine that's not that well written, but it was *full* of enthusiasm. It's not that I've gotten so much better, it's that I realize now that a beta is a very good thing, plus I'm way less full of the belief that my prose is scintillating and needs little improvement. Still, it's one of my fav stories, and I'm going to tell you all about it! )


May. 26th, 2016 09:00 pm
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So, I'm reading my BB draft, chugging along and thinking, "Ha, not bad!" when I get to a part where a giant chunk of it is MISSING!! And I don't know where it is or what happened. What the fuck happened? I have no idea what I did, or when. Life is exciting, my friends.

So, turns out tomorrow I'm helping BG decorate her new apartment. In, out, she is like the wind. This time, she's ten minutes away instead of an hour, so that's cool. I still got the dog, though. Weird little animal. Saaaaaay...maybe THE DOG did it!! Maybe he snuck in and edited my story when I was asleep...don't laugh, it's a Fam thing. This dog has a very active life when we're not around. Stealing our car keys and disguising himself as a very short, very hairy little guy, who for some reason speaks with a lisp. He hits up the local bars, but he prefers the coffee houses. He loves poetry night. He wears a beanie and big, horn-rimmed glasses, but the lenses are just plain glass. Yeah, he's kind of a hipster.

I'm rambling, aren't I?
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Using this icon because I forgot to use them this Easter

Holy fuck, I am so blocked. Nothing is coming through at ALL!! No, no--stuff gets written in my head but it won't come out. I sit at the keyboard, stare at the screen and it just seems like too much trouble to type. I'm really sorry about it too, because I *love* the Jared I'm trying to write, and I love their families....I'm not too crazy about Jensen though. Just like PE, I'm really very happy with the characters and where I want to go, and the ending is just so right but I don't feel like typing it. This has been going on for, what, two months?

Maybe I'm done???????

I don't like that idea, but it happens to people. I remember in SV, when I was sure I'd never write again, and then wrote this long-ass story that I really loved...ach, who knows? I give myself until the end of April and if nothing works loose by then, I should probably drop out of the BB. *sigh* If I really think I can't get any of my other WIPs done, I promise I'll tell everyone how they end because I do know how they end. I think the writer owes folks following a story that much, right? Why leave folks guessing if you know how it's meant to end?

Excuse me, I need to ooze out of my chair and flop all over the living room and whine really, really loud before I crawl up the stairs to bed. *SIGH*

God, everyone should have my problems, right?

Oy, aging

Feb. 20th, 2016 08:09 pm
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I was going to post about how while it's nice that everyone is happy about s11, it kind of irritates me too, but I read that post and decided to delete it because I already complained about stuff in my last post and I thought, "roxy, do you want to gain a reputation as a crabby old bitch who only posts to complain about shit?" and I thought, again to myself, probably not. I would rather be known as the happy, carefree spirit that I that laughing? Am I hearing laughing?

(busting out an old school icon for this--younger days, lol!)
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because I'm blabby today! I don't talk for weeks and then it's all me, all the time! :D

Name six movies you can watch any time without ever getting sick of them.
warning! I have godawful taste in movies!

Long Kiss Goodnight
Grandma's Boy
Planes Trains and Automobiles
Despicable Me
and for god's sake don't judge me (as if you aren't already) I know full well it's a steaming pile of soap opera but Idris!
Daddy's Little Girls
This is a secret I'm sharing with you, my guilty pleasure. :D

I like bad movies and sophomoric humor. I'm just a big, old, wrinkly thirteen year old. I good with it!
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This week is almost over and I have not been as productive as I hoped I would be. So, I did this, I printed out the bit I have so far and I'm editing it on paper because I can usually see it better that way. I have stacks of scribbled over bits of different stories! I don't know why it's easier this way but it is. I tend to see mistakes better, get the flow better. It does get expensive after a while, especially when it's a long story. Sometimes, I end up with big fat folders full of the same five pages, scribbled and high-lighted all over. :D

Also, as time goes by, I am more and more unhappy with my laptop. The keyboard is just godawful, hinky and touchy and just stupid. It's terrific for reading and watching shit on because it's huge, but for writing--gaaah! It is not for me. Of course, it's taken me a few years to admit out loud how much I hate this thing...*sigh* I feel bad about that because it wasn't cheap, and I was raised by folks who survived the Great Depression on one side and WWII on the used stuff up until there was nothing but fuzz left and gosh, rarely replaced an item just because you didn't like it.Especially if it cost an arm and a leg! Which I have been told that I didn't spend much at all for the laptop so shut up and replace it but GUYS. It's not broken, I just don't like it.

I'm posting this, because I'd like to break my streak of writing long drawn out posts full of personal feels and meandering, blabbly thoughts about my Show and my life and then deleting them. You don't even know what I've saved you from, because I love you. And yes, because I don't want to come off as a ranting, weird, sometimes grossly over-sharing person...but I suspect that ship has sailed....


Nov. 30th, 2014 06:22 pm
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pronounced me- me. 'Cause this is all about me. Everyone's doing that December meme. I failed hugely at that last year, so this year if you want to ask me something, go ahead and I will overshare be happy to answer you. No limit because I find everything about me fascinating. Wait, are we still not saying stuff like that in public? Are we all still faking modesty? Whatevs.

Halfway through Retail Hell, now. countdown to Christmas, and I feel like I've been kicked in the non-existant nads. Fucking hate this time of year. Everyone is looking for that one, special, magic gift that will finally make everyone love them, and they're willing to gut any retail worker who stands in the way of that. God knows I want to help you find the thing that will finally make your folks value you, but if we ain't got it, disparaging my legitimacy is not going to make it suddenly appear.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change ('cause this is my paycheck)
The patience to put up with folks who swear I'm an obstructive bitch
And the wisdom to know they will jail my ass if I leap over the counter with my stapler in hand....
Always remember, Spring will return, and no one will want to kill you for the last Easter egg.
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Hey there! Long time no see! I wandered off into the woods to be an incredible asshole bitch/chew my leg off/crawl under a bush and hack up a hairball kind of thing, but I'm feeling a little better now. Slightly nicer, anyway.

I have lovely, lovely comments to respond to--thank you, guys, for the nice words about the artwork! [ profile] tabaqui, sending you the drawing soon and also, working on a few more! I *LOVED* working on that drawing, and I'm so so glad you like it! :D

Man, guys, ya'll know how much it sucks when you're not feeling hundred per cent. Plus, tiny health issues that instead of being worrying are pissing me the fuck off and making me crabby. I don't know--weird.

I've been reading tons but not saying much, pretty much par for the course, but you guys, I'm thinking of you, and hoping the best for you, hoping that you weather life changes and the bumps and upheavals that life tends to be. I don't say much but I care. ♥

And speaking of caring, you all make me cry, but this time tears of happy. I've gotten so much wonderful stuff--the World's Most Perfect Socks, and the most beautiful blouses in the world--they make me look like a lady instead of the grumpy, squinty-eyed lumberjack I usually look like, and the Cup of All Good Things. I'll be posting pics of these things (even though you've seen the socks, they're worth looking at again) *PLUS* pictures of my pet tree. I love my tree. SO MUCH.

Okay, this post is done. Everyone gather in for the big group hug. I'll be licking some of you, but that's the price you have to pay, being my friend and all. It's okay, I have wipes....
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Looking at Liane Balaban's pic at [ profile] all_spn and you know, I really hate how SpN made most of us hate her. I don't think I can recall any other show that went out of their way to make what should have been a sympathetic character so obnoxious and unlikable. I guess she was supposed to have come off as spunky and quirky. The kind of girl that would have captured Sam's attention, with just enough damage to make Sam's caretaker self want to help take care of her, but with just enough toughness to show us that she wasn't a wimp. She did not come off that way.

First, she tried to blackmail Sam into taking a dog, this without the slightest idea as to whether he was an asshole or not. Second, she treated a person who was obviously distraught with an astonishing lack of kindness--kept it up until I wondered what masochistic impulse made Sam go after her. They made her look, I don't know...not attractive, not appealing, when in fact she's a *very* attractive woman. (That's Show's SOP, really. I'm always astonished at how gorgeous women are when they're not on SpN. Why is that???)

Mind you, I really liked the idea at first. Granted, I was hoping it was all in Sam's mind--yes, yes, happiest when they're not with women, I know. Still, how cool would that have been? Sam really believing there was a girl, Dean and us viewers slowly finding out no, there wasn't...*sadsigh for lost dreams*. Failing that, if she'd been a more attractive personality, I would have been so moved when Sam chose his brother over her. I would have believed that he did it for Amelia as well as for Dean. But it came off, to *me*, as an unspoken bribe to keep Dean away from Benny.

Of course, that was the kind of thinking that got us Bloodlines. They just don't know who we are, do they? And poor Liane got crapped on by a crummy, pointless storyline, poor us got our reunion diluted, poor Jared tried to pull that equine carcass along with all his might. He acted the hell out of that, I must say, and it was the only bright spot in that whole less than fabulous arc.


Sep. 12th, 2013 02:23 am
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one more thing before I go to bed!

Dean's gun has IVORY grips, okay--IVORY. *NOT* mother-of pearl. *Sam's* Taurus has mother-of-pearl grips. These two things are totally NOT ALIKE. NOT ALIKE!!!!

Sorry, it's just one of those irritating things, like 'tow the line', or 'make due' or describing Dean as 'the blond'.
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Guess what this is? It's my birthday month! Yes, August, the month in which we celebrate the appearance of me--mumbly boring oldname I changed to roxy as soon as I was able. It is a long name isn't it? Just call me roxy for short. :D

So, as usual, we celebrate my natal event with large gifts of cash and nummy green-eyed men. Feel free to send checks if the gold filled chests are too heavy to drag to the post office. As for the nummy young men, those crates with holes drilled in didn't work so well so this year, I have a new plan. (cunning, of course). Put those boys in a BMW and have them drive to my house! I'll really appreciate the BMW as Mommy Van is getting a little long in the tooth. But mizz rose, you say, you already have a green-eyed man and while no longer quite young, there's much to be said for experience. Yes, I reply but if a little is good, then isn't a lot always BETTER? Besides, a little extra help around the house would be nice. Mr. R can't carry the load by himself all the time. Also, could you explain to him why this help is a good thing? You know he'll listen to ya'll. If he refuses to agree, than a pony would be good.

DAY 1!! HaWoooot!
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Why can't they promise to make me taller? How hard could that be if they're gonna give me a dick? One I did not ask for, by the way. Also, could those strange foreign girls stop trying to make dates with me--especially that one who's gone from kind of clumsily flirtatious to shrilly demanding? Take a breath, bitch.

So, how was *your* day? I'm good--I have four days to finish my first draft, which looks like from here to be about 4000 more words to call it good. Ahahahaha! *so fucked omg*
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You really need those summaries at AO3, because those stupid, fucking, smirky, *endless* tags tell you nothing.
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Is anyone interested in possibly getting a festive card from me? Every year I try to send cards out, with varying degrees of success. I might get them in the mail, I might not--that's part of the excitement. There are some of you who are getting cards whether you want them or not so don't even. New friends, I cannot stress enough that I suck balls at this post office thing. I have known some of my friends for years, and have a card from them for every year (eight!) that I've been here and they have maybe...three from me. Maybe.

Anyhoo, if you'd like to have a card, let me know. And if I need your address, I'll ask you to PM me because I'm really failureface with the screening thing. I'm a technull, sorry. When my laptop doesn't work, I leave a little bowl of milk next to it and dance the dance of "please to be working soon."

You know what tonight is?
It's Supahnatchul Night! I'm still trying to get used to this Wednesday thing. It's thrown my whole week off. I forgot to buy fatty snacks to enjoy with my TV viewing. :( This disturbs me, as now, I'm going to have to have nachos or eggnog instead. You all should be praying that I start writing soon, so I'll shut the hell up in my posts. Or at least stick to the point....
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So here's the deal. I'm not going to write any new stuff. I'm just going to edit old stuff and post it at AO3 and pretend like that's the same as writing. Win-win! Well, maybe not Win-notosmuchwin. Win-whatevs. Win-whatevah-i-do-what-i-want.

I actually have some Halloween themed ideas I might try to get out. If only I wasn't brainstipated. At least I have things to look forward to...premieres of New Girl and Spn--can't wait! Schmidt is the new Cole. Scrubs peeps, remember cole? Denise and Drew? *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* The good old days. D/D, my only het OTP. wonder if there's any fic...?

Here my friends, rec me a story, give me a prompt, send me some money, break this awful boredom, please!

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