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Thank you so much, [ profile] digitalwave for the cool pic!

So, here it is the end! I finished it! Yay for me! Thank you, beloved ones for putting up with the endless whining (it is how you know it's me, right? *g*)

Here is it, part 56, the very last part of Brothers And Heroes.
THe Previous Parts are here, breathing a sigh of relief--they were almost out of lube!

The End! )
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previous Parts are here, begging for a break--they aren't used to working this hard and still being on their feet....

Almost home now, folks! First bit posted October 2005. Ridiculous, no?
Anyhoo. here is is, Bros& Heroes, part 55 )
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Previous Parts are here, lying in an exhausted heap poor dears--they've been working so hard!

Brothers and Heroes, part 54

Goodness! I think I'll actually make my goal, and still have time to make Lex a virgin again--in a different story, mind.

Please to be enjoying a fresh slice of fic! )
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The Previous Parts are here, hiding from Mikey's lawyers. No one told them it wouldn't be funny to re-enact the roofies scene in Sorority Boys...

Rolling along, say, do you hear the creak of sails? The lamentation of the damned chained to the oars? The Good ship Wrap It up is sailing ever closer!

here it is. It's so big! So very big! )

eta: Mavis Beacon failed me....
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Previous Parts are here, dizzy with the mad whirl of gaiety!

Okay, yes, I rushed this a bit, but I'm on a roll, and I'm raring to go! One month--no more! This story will be wrapped up by the end of May, come hell or high water!
And look--pretty picture!

part 52 )
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Yes! Updatey like a muhf*ck. (i'm trying not to curse as much. does that work?)

Look! I can see the sails of the Good Ship "Wrapitup" on the horizon! Woo-hoo! Okay, previous bits are here, and here's the new bit! )
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Oy, it's the never-ending story only without that creepy flying hairball!
The Previous Parts are here, thrilled that soon they'll be able to wear thongs again.

part 50 )
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This would have been posted sooner but Clark and Lex distracted me. I guess they got tired of the dancing around and wanted some together time...anyhoo, here we are, moving as fast as hyperactive tortoises to the end!

the Previous Parts are over here, asking, "Batman--buttplug or no?"

Part 48 )
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I’m stunned by my stupidity—or maybe I should say this is an example of how distracted I am…I swore that I posted this bit but I've looked back and forth and it seems like I didn’t. Damn. *rethinking this whole paxil thing* So, I’ll post this bit and with any luck the next bit that I’ve been working on and we’ll be up to speed again on B&H. Sloooooolwy coasting to the finish line! *G*

The Previous Parts are here, milling about in confusion—they thought this was the unemployment line…

part 47 )

B&H part 46

Apr. 6th, 2006 02:30 am
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"Okaay--I'm re-loaded--"

Done. I finally got through this part. This wasn't supposed to be three parts, but it was the only way I could get the sucker out. *collapses* Next time you see this, it'll be Lex's story. I hope that bit doesn't try to kill me too.

incest, underage drinking. (that one's kind of a joke, heh.) )

B&H part 45

Apr. 6th, 2006 12:01 am
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"It's not that I can't stop, it's that I won't stop..."

I'm going to keep going until it explodes or something. There's nothing else to do. There's a point ot all this, I promise.
Previous Parts are here, screaming with me, only I'm not naked. Thanks, Parts. *shudder*

incest warning )
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The Previous Parts want you to know that Mikey was every bit as good as you've dreamed, and that they tattooed their name on his ass and are making a face at you--you know who you are.

poor guys... )
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ooo! the Previous Parts have pictures from their trip--look, it's Can you actually do that and still breathe? Ever again?

fresh tasty fic, hot out of the oven! )
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The Previous Parts are...hey...where are they? Say, do you hear screaming coming from Mikey's house? Holy crap--run for it!!!

This part gets weird and then it gets weirder. I have the best time inside my head. heh.

part 40. yep. )

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