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Title:Dis Pater Jupiter
Fandom: SV
Pairing: Clark/Lex, Lucas/Lex
Rating:nc-17 pretty much from start to finish
Summary: the story involves incest, drug use, non-con sex, a teeny weeny bit of BDSM, and a sprinkling of insanity. It's a sequel to Dis Pate Kronus, a slighlty less nutty story.

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Title:Dis Pater Jupiter
Fandom: SV
Pairing: Clark/Lex, Lucas/Lex
Rating:nc-17 pretty much from start to finish
Summary: the story involves incest, drug use, non-con sex, a teeny weeny bit of BDSM, and a sprinkling of insanity. It's a sequel to Dis Pate Kronus, a slighlty less nutty story.

here we are ladies, this bit and one more, and it's done, finoota-- wrapped up like a Christmas package, if Christmas at your house involved getting a bloody head in a box. I'm kidding, there's no bloody head in this story. Not in this one...*G*

ETA: because I'm stoopit--I forgot to credit these ladies for the end of the story, back then when I wasn't sure what to do with Lucas, they helped jumpstart my brain. The end bit is for [ profile] digitalwave and [ profile] justabi, thank you so much.

parts 1 to 32

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So, finally! And one WIP down, woo-hoo!

In case you're wondering what's the deal, Dis Pater Jupiter is the sequel to Dis Pater Kronus, a rollicking romp of incest and non-con, heart break and sorrow. Yes, pretty much typical Roxyland. I had fun making Lionel a little less of a bastard jn DPK. He was someone who cared about his kids. Kids being Lucas and Lex, raised together. Another thing I liked about DPK was Bruce Wayne. If you read it or have read it, you might be picturing Christian Bale and that’s cool—but it was Michael Keaton I had in mind. He was a seriously sexy Batman. Oy, that mouth—those eyes…he’s my Batman forever. Bale was hot, but Michael…whew.

After I finished DPK, a little ficlet I wrote for [ profile] herohunter grew into a sequel of Dis Pater. And finally, the end! Whew!

All the pasts are tagged, but at GJ, the sections are bigger—6 to 8000 words a section. It’s here, Here are the old bits

And here are the new bits.

part 32 )
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Occasionally I like to write a simple love story, full of uplifting and spiritually moving moments...but this one is just nasty, full of the incest (before incest was fashionable) death, blood, bodily fluids…business as usual here at Story Corner. *g*
This here is all the previous parts, right here.
If there are any newcomers dropping in, you might want to read the other bits first. In fact, this is the second part of a two part thing—the first being Dis Pater Kronus and it’s at SSA. Wow—I’m getting better and better at the self pimping. *G* it’s a pretty good story, go read it. Now! I’ll wait here….

anyhoo, if you wondered what Lucas was doing… )
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Previous Parts are in the previous post!
There's porn in this bit. Shhhh!

DPJ part 28...maybe we'll finish this thing! )
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Here's a little bit of Dis Pater Jupiter, and basically, it's just Lucas being nasty. But you know, having fun with it. It's rated oh, maybe between 4 and 5, depending. So enjoy and wish me luck, I think I see the light at the end of the WrapItUp!

The Previous Parts are supposed to be here. Naughty little parts.

part 28 )
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The Previous Parts are here, l making out a X-mas list that will make Santa beg his elves to spork his eyes out

I love you, my people, I do. I hope you like this bit. Ignore the red stains, it’s only my hearts blood. Tchah-kidding…more or less

Look! Look!! It’s that story about incest which I know you’re not going to read because that would be wrong…. )

eta:sorry, am a boob!
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Previous Parts are here, dancing with gay wild gay abandon.

Well, nobody could be more surprised than I am that there’s more DPJ here. Honestly, I thought it was dead. I had so much nothing that nothing doesn’t describe it. I had anti-nothing—I had a huge black hole where DPJ was. And then, like a X-Mas miracle, Little Lucas appeared to me and waved his little crutch. “Courage, Miss Roxy,” he called. “All will be revealed in good time! And if you put in a scene of me feeding it to Clark one more time in front of Lex, I’d be ever so pleased!” And with that he danced off with an enormous goose, and snowflakes began to fall, and Angel turned to me and said…
whooooaaaaaah! That went all weird-shaped….

Anyhoo, here’s the next bit of DPJ, and sadly, Little Lucas’ scene is not included. Ever.

part 23 )
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Previous Parts are here, dressed for trick or treat. Oh for—don’t do that with the candy! Ew!

Here she is, short but hopefully interesting, the next part of DPJupiter. Part 21, as a matter of fact. It’s all shiny and new. Fun, the next few bits were fun! Just don’t get angry at me for the next bit. Not this one—the next one. *nods*. Blame Clark—it was his fault.

part 21 )
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omfg, here the damn thing is. *kicks it out the door* I swear, this was one of the hardest sections yet to write--not the hardest thing ever, Summer Story kicked my ass on the daily--but boy, this was some fight. Lucas--he makes me want to spork myself. I apologize, Clark, for every unkind word I had for you.

God. Here it is. I'm exhausted...and have not air *fucking* clue what happens next. *scared*

Previous Parts are too scared of me to fuck around today. They're cowering here.

part 20 )
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The Previous Parts are blowing through town and unlike Nightwing, they're get the picture.

So here I am, trying to zip ahead of the wave of depression that's nipping at my heels like an untrained Pomeranian (swear tagawd, if you say 'puppy'...)

I'm fine right now and I'm cooking on several burners--I really tried to finish my RPS but nay, twas not to be. *G* Oooo, I'm all olde english-y sounding! So--next part of Lucas Kills The World anyone? It comes with extra gravy! Yumm!

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The Previous Parts are here, trying to get Dick Grayson’s home phone number. Odds are they’ll get it.

Here is the next part of this fic. I’m shocked—Clark’s cooperating! Can you believe it? I’m stunned, completely. This part has been less of a joy to write and more an exercise in excruciating mental agony. And I’m not just saying that so you’ll say, but Roxy, this is brilliant.
Well, okay, yes, I am going for that –but really. It was hard. Feel my pain? No?
Oh, all right, I’m having gangs of fun. But the part coming up is hard. Lucas is getting harder to balance and I keep tipping over into sympathy for him and that’s wrong. He’s an asshole—totally an asshole. I have to keep coming back and snipping bits out. He’s so manipulative, he’s manipulating me!
Am I the only one bullied by her characters? Sigh so pathetic…but hey! Enough about me!

Please to be enjoying a fresh new slice of fic! Mmmmm! Ice cream anyone?
DPJupiter part 18 )
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Grrrr! I'm trying to unstall this story--I've got thousands of words written, but none of them please me overmuch. I hope that posting it will help unclog it. It's stuck in my brain and fighting with this new thing that wants out, but that's another story. Heh. Get it? Another....? Yaaah, fegedaboutit.

Enjoy! please please please!

DPJ part 17b )
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The Previous Parts are here, deciding that stiletto heels don’t do anything for their calves…but on the small of their backs….

Okay, everyone wanted fix it fic for poor Clark and Lex and here we go! Well, it’s the bottom of the hill that takes us to the top and over into happy fic! Whoo-hoo!
Hey, have I ever lied to you? Hmm?
And it's 5 for violent content. Check the ratings on my info page.

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