Dec. 29th, 2015 08:51 pm
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I got bored yesterday before slipping off to sleep--my life! I'm sleeping it away!! Anyhoo, I was bored, and had some thoughts about the Impala. One of my thoughts was that if you post fic featuring the car, you better capitalize Impala, damn it, unless those boys are really riding about on the back of an antelope. My other thoughts were not anywhere near as crabby.

So…what if one day the boys decided fluff up the Impala? Do a little primping, a little color, a little gloss…ah? It could happen.

And if it did, it might look a little like this. )
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I've got this really hideous writer's block thing going on, it's truly ugly. Totally deadstop in the water kinda block. At the same time, I'm really desperately wanting to work on Public Enemies. Probably no one remembers that fic, it's been so long! The thing is, the new ideas go off in a different direction, which means a totally different ending to the fic than what I first imagined a few years ago. I'm not sure if I should rewrite the fic--the parts that are still just a loose collection of notes--or try to stay to the original outline. The way I want to go changes it somewhat but not the total flavor, plus I think it will shorten the story. Dean will probably end up being slightly more a victim but also maybe a harder character.

What do you all think? Would you chuck an outline, or try and make the fresh ideas fit with your original vision? And does it matter if the fic is more than a year old? *hides face*

Help me get this fic on the road again, beloved flist!
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So here's the deal. I'm not going to write any new stuff. I'm just going to edit old stuff and post it at AO3 and pretend like that's the same as writing. Win-win! Well, maybe not win-win...win-semifail? Win-notosmuchwin. Win-whatevs. Win-whatevah-i-do-what-i-want.

I actually have some Halloween themed ideas I might try to get out. If only I wasn't brainstipated. At least I have things to look forward to...premieres of New Girl and Spn--can't wait! Schmidt is the new Cole. Scrubs peeps, remember cole? Denise and Drew? *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* The good old days. D/D, my only het OTP. wonder if there's any fic...?

Here my friends, rec me a story, give me a prompt, send me some money, break this awful boredom, please!
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Say there was a story someone was writing...unh, a friend of mine yeah, that's right...and say at one point the story will touch on the fact that the characters are firemen--not a big part of the story mind you, it's mostly about people talking and not that much action at all, though one of the characters dies in the performance of duty but it's pretty much an SpN death, you know what I mean, anyway...how much research do I does my friend have to do? Not much, right, they can watch a youtube or two, right, maybe skim a wikipedia article, right?

Grrrrr! Ever have a great idea and then find out it's just a little bit outside of your abilities? Ack. I usually find that out when I'm half-way through a story so this is an improvement...even though suddenly dangling off a cliff does make for some real wild and sometimes crazily interesting fics, hah! That moment of panic when you realize that the fic's too big or too involved, but you push on anyway and hope for the best. Sometimes it's lots of fun, sometimes it just makes you weep in the shower where no one can hear you and you can blame the shampoo for red eyes. *sniff*

Okay, whine over, Imma pull up my granny panties and marshal on. There's gonna be some kind of story posting in this spot soon, damn it!! I has spoken!
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You know what feels *amazing*???? Writing when it feels like I've had this massive block for...forever!

I'm so freaking pleased with the way my SVBB is going! I know exactly what it means, who this Clark is. It feels like way back when I started writing Clark, and that's an incredible feeling. I haven't really dealt with Lex yet, but I think it's going to be fun. *happy sigh*

And not to ignore my S/D minibang. That's moving along a lot better than it was. I think what's helping me move along is posting that SpN story, the one that took over everything as I desperately tried to finish it before I posted it. I couldn't move ahead on anything because it was crouching in my head all the time. Now, it's out and I can BREATHE! HAH!

But back to the SV! I'm loving Bruce and Clark together! I'm loving it being bloodless and nonviolent! This is the sweetest Bruce I've ever written. Man, if nobody reads this, I'm gonna be sad! I'm not worried about the other stuff but this fic I'd hate to hit the water and just sink without a ripple. *make that pokey-out tongue face*.

Well, lawks, let me take my ass to bed--it's 3:00 and I have to be at work at 10:30. That means getting up at 7:00. Maybe 8:00. Maybe 9:00...ish.
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I'd be kind of pissed I'd spent my life dreaming I was overweight....
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As seen on [livejournal.com profile] deanbear25's LJ :)

This here makes perfect sense--growing up in the service and living most of my young years overseas on a military base ment not much of an accent. Our teacher's were basically accentless, my dad was very careful to scrub the southern out of his voice, and my mom had a slight German accent. So this is what you get. Neutral. I probably have a bit of a Jersey accent, but I don't think much of one. Least ways, I'm clinging to that idea--hah! It's also true I don't have much of a local identity. Even though I've lived in the same town now for 20 years, I'm still just waiting to move.

What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on Memegen.net

Neutral. Not Northern, Southern, or Western, just American. Your national American identity is more important to you than your local identity, because you don't really have a local identity to begin with.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

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If I wasn't so lazy, I'd be writing. I've been kind of puddling around, reading stuff, nothing new except for an older snippet of Sv that fromward posted tonight and I owe her feedback on. It's beautiful. Like old SV, lyrical and full of Lex feeling, the idea of Lex and how he experiences the world. Frommie's Lex was always one of my favorites. Such a wise, thoughtful, lost kind of person, sure and not sure of himself. Reading her story made me miss Lex. I miss writing him, thinking about him, trying to imagine how he saw the world. Those were the shiny days, my friends! I made those poor boys do all kinds of weird things in all kinds of weird places and had fun doing it. Ah, the good old days! When the fic ran from my fingertips like wine, and my characters loved me! :)
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Mr. R is sick, poor woobie. He actually had to give in to gravity and lie down. He took today off, that's how bad he feels. In other news, he's toasty warm and makes the bed nice and cozy. Not that I want him to have a fever. No, that would make me a very very bad person. But...toasty warm. *koff*

Anyhooooo...I've got a bit of Non Timebo Mala, remember that story? I'm thinking of posting it because I'm trapped in a great big glutinous web of writer's block. I can't go forward on any of my stuff. However, I can fine tune it like a motherfucker. I'm changing words, I'm putting in commas and taking out commas and jogging words here and there. And still with all the obsessive corrections missing shit--isn't that amazing? I want to scream every time I reread a section and Sam is talking to Dan or Den--what the fuck Brain??? Or Brian, the way things are going....

It's Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and I can be up all night so if I can stop my compulsive reading, I'll be writing. Anyone wanna look over my SpN/Silver John x-over and see if it's interesting?

word counts, yay!

SpN/X-over: 6828 fail :(

SpN Big Bang: 13545 seems pretty good except I haven't made any progress on hte main part of the story and I'm thinking of starting to write backward to the beginning. :) wordy fail

my friends

Jan. 9th, 2010 02:24 am
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Will one of you kindly prod me to sign up for the Spn Big Bang before the 11th? My vacillating sense of self esteem will probably kick in tomorrow and keep me from doing so and I really kind of want to.

Long whiny blah cut for your reading pleasure.

On a totally unrelated side note, I really *love* Drew and Denise on the reworked Scrubs. They're my favorite couple ever.

Also, I'm stuck like a stuck thing is stuck (ha--that never gets old for me) on my story that I love so much. I kiss its little cheeks and sigh, great heart-rending, gusty sighs of pain. We huddle together on the cold and wet streets of Writer's Block, hawking our Pencils of Sorrow, beseeching the hard-hearted muses to toss us the Pennies of Inspiration. They stroll right past us, their heads in the clouds, totally ignoring the Upraised Fingers of Despair we wave at them. "Fuck you, good sir or madam as the case may be," we call after them. Bastards.


oh, my!

Nov. 9th, 2009 02:47 am
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Oh, Daneel, how oddly and totally fascinated I am by your boobies--I mean--congratulations!

Don't hate, but there's a celebrity sex tape I might actually want to watch. What? I'm writing! These things pop in my head when I'm writing.

Actually, I tell a lie. I just spent two hours arranging my icons and pics. Some folks changed their names, or I had icons incorrectly tagged. *sniff* Deleted a bunch I snagged somehow without crediting and I don't like to use uncredited art. I also cleaned the bathroom, the guest room (or BG's former room), ran a load of laundry, dumped some stuff that magically turned from treasured articles to junk with the passage of the years--Yo, does anybody know what the fuck this thing is? No? Than why've we got it, fercrisake--it was a busy day. Ran up to my beloved little [livejournal.com profile] toldthestars's with Uncle Daddy and he fixed her bike tire and we talked about our stories (and oh my god the one she's working on now--fabulous!) And this, this is what I do to get out of writing.

What a whack-a-loon!!
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Today's the start of my vacation. Well, not so much vacation as unpaid leave. I needed some serious time to myself, or as much of that as is possible. My brother's coming at the end of the week, and I wanted to get my truly disgusting house in order. I also hope to get some guilt free writing in. So far, the story that's coming the easiest, no matter how hard I try to work on something else, is the KindaCowboy AU, which I'm calling(pretty sure on this)Non Timebo Mala. I have a serious thing for latin titles. Sound all thinky and stuff. ;)

I mention that, because I think I'm going to post bits as I write them. I usually try to wait until I *know* where I'm going so that it doesn't die in the water (arg, HATE doing that!) or take a bazillion years while I try and figure out just what the fuck I'm doing (heeellooo, Dis Pater, both you fuckers, and you,Brothers and Heroes....) so what I'm saying here is, it will be a voyage of discovery for *all* of us, whoo-hoo!

And not to get cranky on me, I am working on the J2 thingy (need a title!!) and also everything else I mentioned because I'm crazeeee.

Annnnnnnd--to be catching up on all the fic my beloveds are writing and I haven't been reading. *hangs head*
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I've listened to a a shit ton of versions of Wayfaring Stranger, or at least it feels like it. The best version by far is Johnny Cash's. Here's the super creepy thing...I think I like Johnny Cash. SHUT UP SHUT UP. It's probably temporary insanity. Research sometimes leads you into scary places. I've been enjoying poking around a bit, looking for flavor for my million and one SpN fics, hah! I'm not doing heavy research, just enough that it kind of sounds good, y'know? That doesn't mean that I've spent my precious time writing, no...I've been reading lyrics of all kinds of folk songs. Hunh. Weird lyrics, but interesting. and now, I'm off to read some folk tales!

Also, swear to god, shoot me if I ever eat another Reese's Cup. Oy, the pain, the misery, the lactose intolerance making the eating of chocolate a somewhat masochistic activity bordering on self-abuse and in no way the fun kind. :(.
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No body went to see BDS2? No buzz, no review? How will I know if I should go?


I loved those Brother stories back in the day...*sigh*

Oh geez...I just realized how close the Public Enemies AU is to BDS fic, oy.

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