Aug. 13th, 2017

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Finally saw Captain America: Civil War, because you know I don't like to just leap into a thing. Anyway, I understand all you Bucky/Cap people. I can see that he's a very attractive character in terms of writing, kind of like early Dean was--all the possibilities.

The movie was fun, could have used some vicious editing. It was nice to see Vision, was a *huge* fan back in the old days, loved that character. I was an angst hoor even in my distant youth, and Vision fit the bill for me. Not as much in the movies, not yet, but here's hoping. :)

Anyhoo, it was fun, and I'm tempted to read some Bucky fics, besides what my beloved writes. Maybe. I still can't see Chris whatisname without thinking that they cast him because they couldn't get Jensen, ha! I've watched a few of those flicks now, and honestly, I think Jensen's the better actor. The better physical actor as well. There must have been something Chris wazizname had that led them to consider him over everyone else, (I'm pretty sure that Ackles was never really in the running, no matter what fandom thinks) but I'm not getting it. He's pleasant enough, just...not quite there for me. Then again, Cap was never a fav of mine to begin with. Whatevs, I like the idea of intense UST between him and Bucky. :D

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