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Snagged from [ profile] jj1564, who snagged it from [ profile] amberdreams....

Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 117. The second sentence will be your life for 2017.

"Henceforth to be an ardent fan"
-John Updike

The Random House Treasury of Light Verse

Shadup. There's reasons for it being on my desk. *a-hem*....

Isn't that just *weird?* Wow, talk about a sign, eh? :D
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It's been a year of…I'm not sure what to call it. I have my fingers crossed for the next year.

So, these wrap-ups have been going on for quite a few years. They were a lot more fannish once upon a time, full of what I wrote. That's been slowly, or not so slowly, becoming less and less as time goes by. But this coming year, I plan on trying to keep my writing hand in. I didn’t do much in 2016, but I liked what I did. I did an update on Public Enemies that I liked and was gung-ho to continue but life and the laptop conspired against me. I have no plans to give up on that story—Sam still has to become Capo de Capo, right? I managed a bit of This Small Dark Place, and finished a BB that I wasn't too sure about, but managed to finish, thanks to the generosity and helpfulness of friends. Ya'll are the best.
I cleaned up an old SV fic and posted it, and that was a lot of fun—it made me very nostalgic, but unfortunately didn’t rekindle my SV muse, except I really would like to write some Hooker!Clark Kent some day.

Anyhoo, here we go! The fascinating chronicle of my life, in bite-size bits. Bon appétit! )
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The year of Roses. Rose. Whatev.

I've done these for a few years now, and I noticed that I get more and more boring as time goes by. Oy. Anyhoo, I share this year past by sharing the first post of each month of 2015. These are not the most interesting posts, just the first. So much stuff went on this year. Maybe I'll talk about it at some point. it was a challenging year, for sure. I pushed myself way outside my comfortable limits. I'm mostly glad about it, pretty proud of myself in that respect. We had loss this year, and we had good things happen--the balance that makes up life, right? Love you guys. Ya'll are in my thoughts and my prayers for a good year. ♥

Beware, under this cut lurk accounts of staggering mediocrity. )
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Here is is again, the traditional wrap-up of the year. This year has been teetering on the non-fannish side. Though I posted an SpNJ2BB that I was proud of, and a SDOTP minibang that I was fond of, it's been a rather unproductive year outside of that. Oh wait--I posted art this year that I did not delete, thanks to the encouragement of some very cool folks! I threatened to and eventually did post a totally self-indulgent curtain fic that got a lovely reception--and comments! At AO3! I know, right????

This end of the year has been a little grey for me, for no reason I can point out. I know my LJ was a little quiet and not very sparkly. I'm hoping very much that this coming year is shinier than last year, and that I'm much more interesting!

So, here it is, my yearly "State of the Me" post, the first line of the first post of every month this year.

Prepare yourself--this ride is not for the faint of heart or those who are easily overcome by emotional excess... )
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Hah--I was highly pissed of to find my icons missing, blaming it on LJ and all the stupid things that happen...turns out my LJ has been forced out onto the streets with nothing but a handful of matches and a threadbare blanket, at least for the next couple of weeks. Oy, Christmas bills, am I right?

Anyhoo, let me stop kvetching and post this ancient meme. Yes, it's time for the traditional end of the year "This was the state of me."

I looked over my other year-end posts to see what new things percolated in my brain, what insight I've gained, how I've changed--sadly, I find that I have not changed, likes and dislikes remain the same and insights are non-existent. What amused, appalled, squicked, aroused me, has not changed. Except I read a lot of non-con puppy play stories this year with my fingers crossed, hoping at some point the "puppy" would take the scenario to the furthest possible extreme and tear his master's throat out in the middle of the night. I think I have some very strange issues...hah! Who am I kidding? I *know* I do!! *GGG*

I did some good things this year--I started and finished an SpNJ2-Big Bang story that I'm still pleased with. Also a not too shabby Sam&DeanOTP mini-bang that was fun to write. I'll post a complete list of finished fic soon. Not that there's much of it. *scowls*

Under the cut is the first line of the first post of every month of the year. Prepare yourselves--bring tissues, smelling salts, and a cup of calming herbal tea. No, better make that espresso... )


Apr. 9th, 2012 06:04 pm
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I'm coming up on my 8th LJ year. Eight years! I can hardly believe that I've been here for that long, especially when I was sure once upon a time that I'd post a couple of BtVS ficlets and give it a rest. I'm still enjoying being here, even if things have changed. The climate, people, likes and dislikes--a few years ago I was stunned and horrified by the discovery of bestiality (still kind of traumatized by that whole thing) yet this year I'm following with great interest a story about a Jared werewolf and a poor lost Jensen who finds himself...seduced, in a way, by a wolf? And enjoying it. Hunh! That handbasket is getting bigger and bigger! And then there was that pony boy story last year I really liked, very much, omg. Not to mention the tons of underage SpN I write...let's not even pretend, my friends.

It's not that LJ corrupted poor innocent me, (in fact, sometimes, the whole thing is very educational, why I've--but I digress!) it's just that it gave me a place where a bunch of folks just like me hung out. A place where I don't have to feel quite as much a perv as I used to, though make no mistake, there are plenty of times I feel like a perv. RPS, I'm trying to look at you but frankly, it's hard to meet your eyes *koff* Real People Slash--someplace else I swore I'd never go and here my first SpN BB is RPS. Lawks. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Like I said, I'm still enjoying it here, but I confess to giving some thought to letting it go because of the changes and the growing feeling that the tar is about up to my dinosaur knees--but you know, I just can't let it loose. And someday, when those of my friends who've wandered away come back to LJ like I know they will, I want them to be able to find me, porch lights still burning and a plate of chocolate chip cookies waiting by the fireplace. ;)

Many Thanks

Jan. 5th, 2012 10:49 pm
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Many thanks for the Christmas cards my friends—as usual I started all gung-ho and then failed miserably. I have hopes for next year—in fact, I think I'll do cards now and stamp them and wait for December to roll around again…*koff* What? It's not like I won't dust them off before sending them….

Anyhoo, love and kisses and hugs to:

[ profile] dawnybee, XXOO love you, darling one
[ profile] luvmax1 *shmoochies*
[ profile] talitha78 caroling penguins! Wooo!
[ profile] mahaliem omg, most beautiful card of the season! ♥
[ profile] aurora_bee Love you much, my baby bee! ♥ ♥
[ profile] ilovedoyle eeeeeee! Cutest card ever! *GGG*
[ profile] bittermint XXOOX thank you love!
[ profile] rednihilist I am also and ever, your loyal and humble serpent—I mean, servant! ♥ ♥
[ profile] lapetite_kiki oh my—I think you know how very much I enjoyed your card! ;)
[ profile] tabaqui yay! A lovely pic of my other fam! :) Thanks beloved!
[ profile] romyra I've told you how very much Mr. R and I loved your Christmas surprise (omg, so much) and your Christmas tree card was part of our decorations also. (love that card!)
And last but definitely not least, [ profile] priscel you're the sweetest, most thoughtful, most endearing santa's elf ever. I *adored* my SnowMr and Mrs Roxy. *GGGGG* and a bazillion kisses!!

If I missed anyone please forgive me—Christmas ended up being a mix of stressful, terrible, and wonderful. My heart goes out to everyone who lost a beloved family member this year. Even when you know it's going to happen, it's a shock. I thought my dad would live forever, us getting on each other's nerves for always.

Shmooshy hugs and a ton of slightly too moist kisses to you all.
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Whit and Lex wish for the new year to be a good one for you!

Art by [ profile] lapetite_kiki, for a story of mine, Persistence of Vision
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Once again, The Year End Meme, in which we post the first line of the first post of every month, or something like that. Gadzooks, my life is a mad whirl of excitement and hilarity and under the cut, the proof of that. I warn you, this is a work of such exhilarating wonderment that I recommend the weak of heart turn aside. For our easily overwhelmed readers, there is a nurse posted at the exit…. )
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The Year End Meme, in which we post the first line of the first post of every month, or something like that. Like to see mine? Here it is! )
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Here's that first line of each month for the year thing and it confirms what I always say--Yer Mother is a big fat whiner. Thank the lord, I'm also so adorable it's dangerous. I am in fact registered as a deadly weapon. Yes, cute kills. *nods* Remember that next time you're looking at humorously captioned cat photos.
Anyhoo, one solid year of whining posts

look behind this cut if you like, but I warn you, it's the same thing I say every day, and I must tell you, I'm appalled.! )

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