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The Previous Parts are no doubt here, taking advantage of the fact I'm not home and sucking up my booze and abusing Big Bertha, the world's only gas-powered vibrator...or so I was assured.

This is the last bit of Dis Pater...I figured I'd post this now while I have the chance...please forgive boo-booos and such, I'm doing this crouched over in the dark with the laptop on my knees praying the Fam doesn't wake up...I suck so much. Will explain all later.

I bled this bit, trust me... )

And that's all, folks! See you in a few days!
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Next time, happy fic--all laughs and smiles and fuzzy little kitt-uns. No more sickness my friends. I'm turning over a new leaf--'Roxy' will be synonymous with shmoop. Mark my words.
In the meantime though...this.

racing towards the end... )
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Goodness. Part 30! My stars, it grew.
Th Previous Parts are all curled up in a basket here, with little bows around their...necks.

this part is rated 5 for sexual situations and spilled coffee.

very bad... )
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I'm trying to get most of this out before I leave on the Rose Family Vacation. It promises to be a laugh-filled fest of sharing and far, I've discovered none of my summer clothes fit me. What do we get when we mix Internet and Ice-cream? We get a big ole fat Roxy, that's what we get. But you didn't tune in here to hear me whine about porkitude. You tuned in for the porn. sadly my friends, no porn...but there is a sprinkling of insanity, will that do for now?

This bit rated 3 for violence.

under the cut, there's darkness )
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The Previous Parts are here laughing at your taste in vibrating accoutrements.

The good ship Wrap it Up is sailing into view once again! Hooo-ha. Not quite finished but close, so very close.*grin* Are you as thrilled as I am? I feel all productive and stuff.*beams*

Under this cut, there's stuff rated 3. )
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See? Told you!
this part rated 5 for sex, insanity and language. *shakes head* sometimes I wonder...

poor kid )
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In the spirit of Wrap It Up, more Dis Pater. Two more even, this part and the next---flying at you!
rated 5 for sexual situations and language and insanity. Whose, I won't say.

Previous Parts are snoring in the garden here.

there is absolutley sex under this cut. And it's not pretty. )
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Okee-dokee! Let's kick this little fledgling out of the nest! Fly! Fly! ....oops. Dang...Crawl! Crawl!

Thr Previous Parts are doing the Hustle over here...what? oh, 'xcuse, they're *hustling.*

under this cut is the answer to everything. Kidding! )
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While everyone is waiting for Rose_etta to let us know how MR smells looks in person, I figured let me drop this. I need to start clearing house here.

The Previous Parts are here, in your bedroom,trying on your thongs. Ick. Thongs.

and if you open this litle box you'll find... )
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This was supposed to be a short little fic, something that wasn't going to eat up major parts of my time. Heh.

Anyhoo, Previous Parts are sunbathing here. Nude. On a traffic island.Rapscallions.

there is no sex under this cut )
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Here are the previous parts for those of you who missed them, or just like clicking on these things

I'm having ther very best fun ever with Lucas. I haven't had so much fun with a character since Wade. *koff* not that they're similar at all, no-siree-bob!
anyhoo, I'm feeling pretty good! For more than one reason which i will share with you later. right now, look! if you lift this rock, there's something shiny under it. Oh, my bad, I meant slimy... )
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eta: hah! Forgot my rating!

So anyway, while we've been away from Dis Pater, it appears the boys have joined a traveling circus, and hijinks ensue! Thrill to the spectacle of the main ring, and Bruce and his lifemate Lex putting their white tigers through...waiiit a min--wrong story.


*This* is the story... )
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The Previous Parts are here, exhausted, wet, sticky and vowing to never ever fill a wading pool with jello again. Words to live by.

I finally, finally thank God finally!-- managed to pull some of this together. Someone give me a cookie, 'cause I swear, it was that traumatic. Now--the other things I'm suppose to be writing...*sigh*

Oh yeah Roxy, do the challange--you can do it...Smack the fuck out of me if I ever mention wanting to do one again, please.

Dis Pater part 19 )
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Greetings fellow Earthlings!
what a fine motherfucking morning, to quote Samuel Jackson.
are you ready for the next bit of Dis Pater? I hope so 'cause here it comes, ready or not!

For those of you who care about that sort of thing-- Previous Parts are here, reading my other stories and laughing cruelly. Little bastards.

Dis Pater part 18 )
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Previous Parts are here, reading letters to the editor and circling names...

So--anybody ready for some twisty wrongness this fine day? Lucas was the most enormous bitch to me--but unlike Whitney, I didn't find it cute. He was such a little bitch that Clark felt obligated to behave, so bonus, I guess. Yes, yes, I know they're just fictional characters and this is making you a little uneasy, but hey! I have chocolate...ah? Ah?

Dis Pater part 17 )
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Welcome to the next part of Dis Pater. Ignore the bloody fingerprints and tear stains, it was a lark to write, tra-la! Goodness knows that a song was on my lips the entire time...okay, maybe not a song--more like rhymes with "OH FUCK ME!!! I MUST HAVE BEEN INSANE TO START THIS!!!!" Tra-uckin'-la.

Soooooo..the Previous Parts are here, and when they learn to read that map--they'll be there, and I suggest *you* be elsewhere....

Dis Pater part 15 )
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Previous Parts are here, mis-reading your intentions. run!

Okay, trying this one more time. I tried to post this sucker a bazillion times last night and something always went wrong. Let's hope I don't screw it up today.

Dis Pater part 14 )
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can you believe it, children? Part you think they'll know...*nudgenudge, winkwink*...stuff-- yet? Let's see, shall we?

Part Ten is here.

>Strange Boys or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Game. Part Eleven. )
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*panting* Boy, this stuff is hard...*pout*
So, I lurch along with Dis Pater...the story that's breaking my brain. I hate my logic land mines! Why can't I see these things *before* I'm ten thousand words into a damn story. It's actually making me sit bolt upright deep in the night, sweating and asking myself, "Why did Lionel send the two of them off to a strange place in the hinterlands with no supervision? Why? WHY??!!"
*sigh...takes out tap shoes, polishes them* It's going to be one hell of a dance.

Previous Parts are here,reading your tea leaves. They said forget those long range vacation plans--you better just plan a weekender.

Dis Pater part 12 )

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